TEPAI Cruising Tax-How To Pay Online

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A Step By Step Guide To Paying Your TEPAI Cruising Tax Online

Since the Greeks confirmed the new TEPAI cruising tax was in force there has been endless confusion about the process (us included)! We know many people who have managed to navigate the system with no problem at all, but also those who have found it all a bit of a nightmare.

A greek sunset
These Greek sunsets make TEPAI worth it!

I’ve laid out our successful process and some possible problems you may encounter so that you can be prepared and your check in can go as smoothly as possible-no one wants to be stuck with the port police when they could be enjoying a cold beer in the bar opposite!

First, here is a quick step by step of what worked for us. If you want a more detailed guide on how to pay your TEPAI cruising tax online, including some of the problems we faced, then keep reading!

Update: We’ve heard from people who have been unsuccessful paying their Tepai using the method below that they’ve had success from using a different bank account. Although this is incredibly frustrating, it might be worth a try if all else fails!

Quick Guide To Paying TEPAI Online

Registration Process

  • Login to register
  • Select the register button for ETEPAI users
  • Fill in the short form and enjoy a nice cup of tea while you wait for your confirmation email
  • Click the HERE button in your confirmation email and login
  • Click the new application button (in green)
  • Fill out all the details that you can about your vessel
  • Click the green button at top right labelled Temporary Submitted
  • If this all looks correct then click the red Submit button
  • You will get an email with 2 attachments. Print them both off or save them as downloads, you will need to show these to the port police on arrival

Payment Online

  • Go to your online bank and enter:
  • Recipient bank: BNGRGRAA (Bank of Greece) 
  • IBAN (field 59 of swift): GR1201000230000000481090510
  • Remittance information ( field 70 of swift): the 20 numbers (no letters, punctuation and spaces) of TEPAI payment code found in confirmation email
  • Take a screen shot of the evidence

A day or two later you should see the money has left your account and logging back into your TEPAI account should show the money has been received. If you have any problems at all then read on below for some handy hints and tips from the different problems we encountered.

Step One – Create A TEPAI Account

Go to the Greek Tepai website- https://www.aade.gr/polites/etepai

screen shot of the greek TEPAI online process
Screenshot of the TEPAI website login page

There is a little introduction in English and Greek, scroll down and click through to the ETEPAI login to register. It will open as a new screen. Click the English flag in the top right hand corner (unless you speak Greek, obviously!)

There are two boxes – E-TEPAI and a login for TAXISnet users. Select the register button for ETEPAI users.

Fill in the short form and wait for your confirmation email. I have no idea why it wants the names of your mother and father, but I’m sure if you don’t want to disclose that information you could make it up. I don’t know how they would ever find out!

Screen shot of the Greek TEPAI cruising tax process
Screenshot of the initial registration

The email can take a little while to come through. When it does, click the HERE button and you will be taken to the login page.

Login using your email address and password AND Passport number.

This takes you to a summary of your registration which should be empty. Click the new application button (in green) in the top right hand corner.

Screen shot of the greek TEPAI cruising tax process
Screenshot of the TEPAI registration process

Fill out all the details that you can about your vessel. There were some things that we didn’t know or weren’t sure of and we either left them blank or had a best guess. Once you have paid up I am pretty sure they won’t care. Below we have listed some of the problems we had with the form and what we did about it. The method we have described below worked perfectly for us and for others we know.

Problem Fields:

The postcode field will only accept 5 characters – GU473 when it should be GU47 3PY. We just filled in the first 5 characters and this was accepted.

Unless you are Part 1 registered, you don’t need to put in Gross Registered Tonnage or Tonnage

TEPAI Liable Persons Information

The people you enter here are joint and severally liable. Choose either owner or holder/user. An owner is the person named on the DEKPA – the user would be a regular skipper of the boat.

It appears that you can only enter one liable person so choose wisely!

Google chrome filled in all the address details, but double check because on the form the details came up muddled. You may have to manually input them.


Date of entry into Greek waters is a Y/N selection – if you are there already click Y and if you are filling it in before you arrive then click N and fill in your expected arrival date. I don’t think this needs to be too accurate. We expected to arrive a few days earlier than we actually did and it was never questioned.

Select the months of tax you want by clicking on the month. Remember that you will need to pay for a whole month even if you arrive half way through one and remember also that you don’t need to pay for any months that your boat is on the hard standing.

When that’s done click the green button at top right labelled Temporary Submitted. This will bring up a summary of your entries including the application number. For example SSR15660200000034619

If this all looks correct then click the red submit button. If you have any errors they will be listed at the top in red and you will need to go through and amend them.

You will then get a summary of everything again but now with your registry entry at the bottom. The status should have changed to SUBMITTED meaning you have completed the process.

Confirmation Of Your TEPAI Application

You will get an email with 2 attachments. Print them both off or save them as downloads, you will need to show these to the port police on arrival.

In these emails you will receive a 20 digit reference payment number which you will need to pay online.

Payment Online

Note: We had a minor problem with the port police because we paid in GBP rather than euros. Obviously the amount of money we had paid was correct but because the amount differed slightly as it was recorded in pounds they weren’t very happy. To make life easier try to get a payment in euros instead that you can screen shot as evidence.

You can use your online banking to make an overseas payment. I paid with TSB and it all went through with no problems following this procedure.

Select to pay an amount in EUROS – do NOT let it convert to Euros for you.

Enter the relevant codes. 

Note – it is recommended that you cut and paste all long numbers to avoid error.

 Recipient bank: BNGRGRAA (Bank of Greece) 

UPDATE: I have received a helpful comment from a reader that used the Bank of Greece as the recipient bank and had her payment rejected. She made a successful payment using AADE as the recipient bank, and this has also recently been suggested on the cruisers forum. I made two successful payments using the Bank of Greece but I know that the TEPAI process is being constantly updated, so it might be better to use AADE from now on. Let me know in the comments what worked for you!

 IBAN (field 59 of swift): GR1201000230000000481090510

 Remittance information ( field 70 of swift): the 20 numbers (no letters, punctuation and spaces) of TEPAI payment code

Make sure you screen shot/print/take a photo of the evidence.

Press confirm! Then do a little dance! You’re almost there with all this to look forward to!

Kephalonia in Greece
Enjoy Kephalonia once you’ve completed your TEPAI cruising tax!

Check a day later (up to 4 if over a weekend) to see if your money has been received by logging back on to your TEPAI account.

Note: We found that when we tried to log back on our account was blocked. This wasn’t a problem as all the port police wanted to see was the two confirmation emails and a copy of the bank statement (we literally took a picture of the screen on our bank account showing the amount paid and the reference number)

This is the procedure that worked for us, we hope that it helps you too! We completed the process before we even arrived in Greece and were pleased we had, as our friends that waited had trouble when the site went down and they couldn’t apply online.

We would recommend giving it a good go before you get here to save you some precious Greek cruising time when you arrive! Any questions? Ask away below! Your comments on here and through our Two Get Lost page on Facebook have helped us to keep this page updated with current and useful advice. If you have a problem then let us know and we’ll do our best to help, and share your findings to help the rest of the sailing community.

Checking into Argostoli? Go here for handy check in advice and all you need to know about cruising in Argostoli.

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7 thoughts on “TEPAI Cruising Tax-How To Pay Online”

  1. We went through a lot of hazel before we found out how to pay the Tepai online.
    Thought it might be useful to share our solution here
    First you need to make sure you copy and paste the correct Fee Adminstration Code on the slip on your Eparavolo.
    Copy ONLY the first 20 digits and make sure youthere are no spaces between the any of the 20 digits. Then paste the code to remarks field.
    In the IBAN field you copy and paste GR1201000230000000481090510
    Use the following as name and adress of the accountholder
    Name : International Authority for Public Revenue (AADE)
    Address : Sina 2-4
    Zip and town : 106 72 Athens
    and finally use the following code for the recipient bank
    Clearing will be done 3.00 pm (CET) at which time the amount you have transferred will be withdrawn from your account.
    After a hour or two log in on your etepai account. The status to the right of your application should now say ΠΛΗΡΩΜΕΝΟ, which is Greek and means paid.
    Good luck

  2. Hi, I’m trying to pay the TEPAI via bank transfer to the Bank of Greece but getting rejected. what do you mean by paying using AADE as the recipient bank? Thanks

  3. anybody had problems where the 20% discount for being in Greece is not deducted?I have submitted but its not been deducted from the price like it was last year and i cant find anywhere to query it

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  5. Er der nogen der ved hvordan man kommer ind på sin konto for at betale tax.
    Min konto ser ud til at være lukket (brugte den ikke i 2020) jeg har prøvet at ændre password, det hjælper ikke skal jeg starte forfra ?


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