The Beginning Of Our Adventure


Hi! We’re Emily and Adam, an English couple with a taste for adventure who dream of leaving behind our ‘normal’ lives in search of something more. To find out a little more about us then head here, and to find out about how this crazy plan first started, then read on and enjoy!

A couple pulling silly faces at the beginning of their adventure together
The beginning of our adventure

If you’re reading this (mum) you probably assume that after months of asking ‘so what are your plans!?’ with the unsatisfactory reply of ‘not sure yet’ we have finally made up our minds. Sorry to disappoint. We are in fact jobless, homeless (apart from our work site of a boat!) And clueless.

When we handed in notice at our stable and safe jobs several months ago with a million dreams and no itinerary I wasn’t too worried. We’ll find something easily, I naively thought. Now, with our final pay check fading fast and our bank accounts at all time lows I am beginning to feel a little nervous! So if anyone is looking to employ a primary school teacher or a super brainy tech wiz please let us know!

A couple standing on a cliff at the beginning of their adventure
Ella Rock, Sri Lanka

A little backstory so that when I’m old and boring I’ll remember that once I was crazy and perhaps really stupid! Just over a year ago I met Adam. We walked and talked for 8 hours solid about a life different to the ones we currently had. I told him about how important travel was to me and he told me about his plan to sail the world.

Fast forward 6 months and we were talking semi seriously about quitting work and leaving the UK. After careful consideration we decided maybe it wasn’t right for now, we should focus on our ‘careers’ and become more financially stable. Also, we had only just met. Surely going away would put strain on our new relationship. We would stay put for now. Very sensible.

Adam helped me prepare for a job promotion I was desperate for and I worried endlessly about how unhappy he was with his London commute. On a Monday morning in March I called Adam in tears, I didn’t get the job.

I arrived home that evening to Adam popping open a bottle of fizz. ‘We’re celebrating’ he declared. I looked at him, confused. Had he not been listening to our earlier conversation? ‘To the beginning of our adventure’ he said.

That was the sign he needed. We would never be financially stable, travel would always be a risk. We just needed a push, and this was it!

Looking back at this diary entry 2 years later and it’s hard to believe all the things we’ve learnt and the places we’ve been! If this something you’re dreaming of doing then my advice would be to go for it, whole heartedly. Read on to find out exactly what we decided to do after our crazy decision to leave our old lives behind!

sailing misadventures
how to start a life at sea

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  1. This brings back many memories of what our situation was like before we left our jobs to travel – especially the London commute bit! My wife was commuting 3 hours a day from south to west London and was miserable. After leaving and travelling for a year our lives are transformed! I am sure yours will be too – congratulations on taking the leap and I’m excited about following your adventures 🙂

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