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Sailing Stories

Sailing Stories From Around The World Facebook Instagram Youtube Twitter Pinterest This post contains Amazon affiliate links for products we recommend Our top pick of sailing stories from around the world.  Sometimes the next best thing to being on a sailboat, is reading about other peoples adventures in them.  Before we set off to create our very own sailing adventure, we spent hours scouring peoples sailing stories on the internet,… Read More »Sailing Stories

The Best Action Camera for Travel Vloggers

The best action camera for travel Vloggers: GoPro Hero 8 Black vs. DJI Osmo Action vs. Sony RX0 ii. Before we launch into reviewing the best action camera for travel Vloggers, let’s explore how and why action cameras have become such a huge part of mainstream life. A Little Action Camera Backstory (It’s A Good One, Promise!) The year is 2003. Surfer bro and all-round extreme sports enthusiast Nick Woodman… Read More »The Best Action Camera for Travel Vloggers

Today I feel brave

This is a title I wrote a while ago, when I was feeling strong. This title was written on a day when I felt like there was no problem too big and nothing I couldn’t overcome. I have lots of days like that. Days when I am confident, self assured and happy. On these days I feel like the me I think I am, and the me I want other… Read More »Today I feel brave

How We’re Going Skiing On A Budget

Can you really go skiing on a budget? We are about to find out! As I said in my previous post, I really thought summer was never going to end. If you had asked us mid season what our winter plans were we would have looked at you very perplexed. Winter? What winter? But I guess this summer wouldn’t have been quite so special if it could have lasted forever.… Read More »How We’re Going Skiing On A Budget

The Best Boat Speakers For Sailing

You are probably wondering why two sailing vagabonds are writing about the best boat speakers for sailing. Well, you might not know this, but both of Two Get Lost are professionally trained musicians. Emily is a theatre soprano with a haunting, ethereal voice that could charm the fish from the ocean. Adam is an audio technician, with a voice that can scare away pirates and stun a seagull at 50… Read More »The Best Boat Speakers For Sailing

Top Of The Flops: The Biggest Fails Of 2019

This seasons ultimate fails. We have met two types of sailors. Ones that say they know everything, and ones that will admit they don’t. We refuse to become one of those sailors that pretends to know everything, and never learns. It’s one of our biggest complaints with sailing-these forums where people pick apart what people have done before something goes horribly wrong. How can you possibly know what you would… Read More »Top Of The Flops: The Biggest Fails Of 2019