keeping kids busy while you work

Keeping Your Kids Busy While You Work From Home

This post contain Amazon affiliate links to products I think will be useful to you In a perfect world we would have endless amounts of time to dedicate to our children and their education while we’re sat at home, but for almost everyone trying to balance a suffering economy and the care and well being of their children, that simply isn’t possible. It’s Not Your Job The first thing you… Read More »Keeping Your Kids Busy While You Work From Home

how to homeschool different year groups

How To Homeschool Two Different Year Groups

If you’re stuck at home with two kids from different year groups then you’re probably wondering how to home school two different year groups at the same time. It’s tricky! You might have already found that teaching them separately works best for you, but often this isn’t the case. It might be that you simply don’t have time with work commitments, younger siblings or house work to get done. Or… Read More »How To Homeschool Two Different Year Groups

home schooling

The Things All Teachers Are Hoping You Teach Your Kids

When I first moved onto the boat it was moored in a marina over the winter, and the place was alive with liveaboards and there was an incredible community spirit. Adam was working remotely and I was restless and wanting a purpose, so I offered to run classes for the kids that lived on their boats in the marina. I had never really thought about homeschooling, and how hard it… Read More »The Things All Teachers Are Hoping You Teach Your Kids

spending too much time with your partner

How To Cope With Spending Too Much Time With Your Partner

Before moving onto a sailboat Adam and I often wondered how people coped with spending too much time with their partner. We knew that we would be living in a very small space with each other, and rarely leave each others side. It was a genuine worry of ours, and apparently a genuinely worry of all our well meaning friends and family. It was probably the number one thing we… Read More »How To Cope With Spending Too Much Time With Your Partner

what to do stuck at home

What To Do When You’re Stuck At Home

With the world in lock down and people being advised to stay indoors the big question is what to do when you’re stuck at home. I’m the first to admit that I’m pretty useless at entertaining myself. I get bored really quickly when I don’t have something to focus on, and being stuck at home is one of my worst nightmares. When I moved onto a sailboat I quickly realised… Read More »What To Do When You’re Stuck At Home

sailings for girls

Sailing’s For Girls

A strong gust of wind tries to push the boat to starboard as I steer into the wind, aiming for the small patch of sand ahead. Giving the boat a little more power in the tight anchorage does the trick, and I signal to Adam to start dropping anchor as I put the boat into reverse. The noise of the waves slapping the hull and the whistling of the wind… Read More »Sailing’s For Girls

Living The Dream

Living. The. Dream. Wow, how weighty are those three little words. When we think of someone living the dream, we imagine someone who really has it all, probably in terms of what we want out of life. This elusive person who has their dream life has everything that I want. They travel constantly, but with all their family and friends for company. Their life is full of love and friendship.… Read More »Living The Dream