Parents on board

I think this car sticker was designed for new parents. Ones with a three month old, who are suffering from sleepless nights and newborn baby anxieties, not ones who are visiting their gone 30 year old daughter. But I had some serious worries that we would need to get one of these stickers for the boat after my parents had experienced a night on board Hot Chocolate. This wasn’t a… Read More »Parents on board

The Meltemi

A tale of courage and survival Based on a true story by Two Get Lost They had heard tales before of a violent wind that blew from the North. A wind that was unpredictable and wild. A wind that put fear into the hearts of all at sea. A wind so strong it could keep sailors from stocking up on wine or gin for days. A wind they would avoid… Read More »The Meltemi

saving water on a sailboat

Saving Water On A Sailboat

Saving water on a sailboat is not something I ever really thought about until I started to live on one. I am ashamed to admit that I have never been the worlds biggest eco-warrior. Sure, I dutifully did my recycling, I took my canvas bags to the supermarket and drove my small car only when I had to (ok, ok, the last one is simply because I couldn’t afford a… Read More »Saving Water On A Sailboat

cost of living on a boat

How Much Does It Really Cost To Live On Board A Sailboat?

How much does it cost to live on board a sailboat? Before we quit our jobs to move aboard a sailboat, the question we needed the answer to beyond any other question was how much does it REALLY cost to live on a sailboat. We scoured the internet for clues and got figures ranging from £500 a month to £2000-surely something had to wrong with one of those figures! We… Read More »How Much Does It Really Cost To Live On Board A Sailboat?

anchoring for idiots

Anchoring For Idiots (By Two Idiots)

The ultimate guide to anchoring for idiots, written by two sailing idiots. We’ve got details of some of the most popular anchoring techniques and some funny anchoring mishaps.

getting the internet at sea when sailing

How To Get The Internet At Sea When Sailing

We explore the different ways you can internet at sea when sailing. Living on a sailboat doesn’t mean you have to be cut off from the internet. We have found many different ways to get the internet while living on a sailboat because it’s so important for us to be able to keep working. Find out what would work best for you in our extensive guide.

A year out of work

As I write this the summer holidays have just started at the school I used to work at.  In my old life I would have woken up exhausted, after weeks of entertaining tired, hot and hyper children. I would have been emotionally drained from saying goodbye to children and parents that I had spent a year forming close relationships with, sharing their ups and downs and seeing all their many… Read More »A year out of work