Koroni In The Peloponnese: Greece Highlights

koroni in the peloponnese

Mooring up in Koroni in the Peloponnese was a delightful surprise. The still, protected waters of the harbour reflected the hazy orange sunset and the seaside restaurants played soothing music to accompany the quiet chatter from the diners. We fell instantly in love with Koroni in the Peloponnese, and it quickly made our list of Greek towns to return to on our travels.

If you’re looking for a mixture of the real Greece, along with stunning scenery and a little history, then look no further than Koroni in the Peloponnese.

When To Visit Koroni

I don’t think there’s a ‘bad’ time of year to visit Koroni in Greece. Greece is blessed with pretty decent weather all year round, though it does get cold in the winter months (you can even ski in the mountains nearby!)

If you’re after a traditional summer holiday, and want things to be open and in full swing, then summer months are the best time. That being said, July and August can be incredibly hot so you might want to consider the cooler months of June or September when it will still be gloriously sunny but just that little bit cooler.

Where To Stay In Koroni

Koroni Apartments have a sea view and are within easy walking distance of the town and the harbour. They also have a small kitchen so you can save money on eating out! Be aware that it’s up some cobble stone steps so might not be the most easily accessable.

If you’re after something with charm and character then you won’t find better than Xenia’s Apartment Rooms. This little haven is perfectly situated and really very pretty!

This villa is just 10 minutes from Koroni centre but will make you feel you’ve really escaped it all. The views are to die for, and there’s a BBQ for those balmy evenings!

Things To Do In Koroni In The Peloponnese

Visit The Hilltop Citadel

Like Methoni, the Koroni citadel has a long and complicated history of invasion and occupation by the Turks, Venetians and the Holy Roman empire. It’s a fascinating place to find in such a small, unassuming town, and it makes this place rather special.

Visiting the citadel was the first thing we did on our visit to Koroni in the Peloponnese, and it is well worth the uphill hike. You can see the Venetian port from the harbour side, sitting high up on the hill and watching over the town below.

As you start the pleasant (but uphill) walk to the citadel through the winding streets lined by artisan shops and pretty porch ways, you’ll welcome the shade and the stunning views of the sea below. The citadel itself is through a stone archway, that leads you along a cobblestone path with a few private houses on the left (what a place to live!)

Between two of the houses you can follow a small path that leads to some of the outside walls and the underground storage caverns. Continue on up the main path and you’ll reach several churches and the Monastery of Prodromos where local nuns still live. You can look around the monastery and explore it’s beautiful grounds. We were lucky to meet a local Greek who gave us a tour and filled us in on some of the stories accompanying the monastery. You can find out more about the tales of tiny monks and enemy invasions here.

If you continue even further up the path you will find a war memorial, church and cemetery, and some of the most incredible views.

Mingle With The Locals In Koroni In The Peloponnese

koroni sunset in greece
Koroni sunsets

Koroni does see some tourism, but most of it is from Greeks wanting to escape city life. We visited in August and it felt empty compared to some of the popular Greek islands we had already visited. There was a distinct Greek feel to place, and it was just oozing charm and character.

There are no package tours in Koroni, so you won’t find hoards of English, or restaurants that stay open all night serving sugary cocktails. Instead you will find good food, tables set for large families and lots of laughter. There is Greek music coming from the tavernas and everyone seems to know everyone. It’s the place to be if you want to see some of the real Greece.

Relax On Zaga Beach

Just south of Koroni town you’ll find Zaga beach. This is probably the best beach in the area, with over 2km of golden sand that’s never as busy as some of the well known Greek destinations. Grab a book and a towel and head here for some serious relaxation. Koroni is also a breeding ground for loggerhead turtles, and they lay their eggs near Zaga beach-so keep your eyes peeled!

It takes about 20 minutes to walk to Zaga beach and it’s an enjoyable stroll, You can either cut through the castle or walk via the road to reach it.

Shop For Local Produce In Koroni In The Peloponnese

Koroni town is a maze of independent and artisan shops. You could grab some unique souvenirs, or pick up a local delicacy such as some Greek wine or olive oil. There are only a few main streets, so it’s a great place to spend a lazy afternoon just popping in and out of the interesting shops and stopping every now and again for a cooling drink at a local taverna.

Dine At Peroulia

6km north of Koroni you’ll find the beautiful Peroulia Beach. Peroulia restaurant has become quite famous amongst the locals for it’s delicious Greek cuisine and fresh seafood. It was the place that was recommended to us over and over on our visit, and it doesn’t disappoint. After lunch you can relax on the stunning beach, or take a dip in the crystal clear waters.

kyparissia at sunset
Kastos in Greece

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