Kyparissia In The Peloponnese: A Cruisers Guide

kyparissia at sunset

Kyparissia is a logical stop for any cruiser on the sail down the West coast of mainland Greece. Although navily and navionic reviews don’t rave about this coastal town we found it had more to offer than first appearances suggested.

The ‘town quay’ in Kyparissia, or perhaps more fittingly what looks like a half finished marina, is well sheltered from the North Westerlies and free. In mid August there was plenty of space to Med moor on the quay to the East (with some chance of getting space to come alongside).

The West side of the marina reports shallower depths, and was empty bar one catamaran when we arrived. With our shallow draft we decided to come alongside here and had depths of 2.9m (though after a little scout around we could see some rocks and debris that may effect boats with a bigger draft).

The north westerly wind blows right through the gap in the harbour wall here so we had a few less comfortable nights with heavier wind. You can tie off to metal rings fitted on the harbour walls. The walls are high to fender appropriately. We estimated room for about three boats to anchor inside the harbour walls.

You can anchor off on the beach next to Kyparissia’s harbour, though it looked as though it would be very exposed from a lot of angles.

There is water here (on the main quay) and plenty of bins, including glass and plastic recycling. There are showers on the beach opposite the harbour which we enjoyed using as the sun was setting (what a view while you wash!) The harbour is a little sad looking, as though someone tried to make something of it once and then gave up. There is work being done on a damaged harbour wall that looks to be almost finished.

Kyparissia Town

Views of Kyparissia town from the castle
Views of Kyparissia

Kyparissia is an ancient coastal town with a conflicting feel. The walk from the harbour into the town is unimpressive, almost a little sad, and if you were to venture no further then you will wonder why you stopped here.

However, walk about 20 minutes through the town and uphill and you will be treated to a lovely walk past some pretty houses, leading to a street with an old town feel and some inviting looking restaurants and bars. At the end of this street you will find an impressive church with incredible views.

Kyparissia Castle

Perhaps the main attraction in Kyparissia town is the castle just up from the church in the old town. The ancient castle ruins are free to visit and come complete with a small ampitheatre! The views from the castle ruins are impressive and worth the walk. We went up there for sunset and it really was beautiful.

Sitting at the top of a castle looking out at the sunset
Taking in the sunset from Kyparissia Castle

The town is surrounded by olive groves, so if you explore a little beyond the worn down town you will find big areas of green. You’ll find forests including cypresses and pines to the east side of town.

Kyparissia’s Beaches

a rocky beach with a hotel at the top
Views of Kyparissia’s main beach

Behind the harbour you will find a (rather crowded) strip of beach. Settle here for a dip in the sea or follow the coastline further and you will have the sea all to yourself. If you’re prepared to do a bit of a walk then Kyparissia has some beautiful, secluded beaches on offer. The rocky terrain requires a bit of a scramble in places but the sunset from all along the coastline is incredible, with some interesting rock formations jutting out into the sea.

Loggerhead sea turtles, also know as Caretta Caretta, make this coastline their home and you may be lucky enough to spot one in the harbour.

Amenities in Kyparissia

There is a large AB supermarket and several smaller supermarkets and separate fruit and veg, bakeries and butcheries in town. We looked around and found AB to be the cheapest, coming out of the marina start to walk into town and turn left at the first main road.

Just before you reach AB you will find several shops that will refill camping gaz, we even managed to buy a spare gas canister as we only have a small one and have been struggling to find gas refills around Greece. We paid 9 euros for a refill and 35 euros for an extra canister.

There is a large hardware store that is well stocked and that sells a very limited range of boaty things. It obviously just stocks a few bits and bobs for the local fishermen.

There is a large post office in the centre of town and the staff were very helpful when we needed to send a package.

Kyparissia's beautiful castle ruins
Kyparissia’s beautiful castle walls

Where To Stay In Kyparissia

If you haven’t arrived by sailboat then not to worry, there are plenty of places to stay here.  We loved the look of Matina 2, right by the beach front and looking out to sea!

Where To Eat In Kyparissia

The prettiest place to head for a bite to eat would definitely be the old town area in Kyparissia, though there is a limited choice. There is one big restaurant there that seems very popular with the locals, with chairs and tables spilling out onto the street. In summer months the restaurant opposite the marina is open and although the marina itself isn’t that pretty, the views of sunset from here are superb.

There is a busy town square that is vibrant and bustling some the evening time. Although we didn’t stop for a drink here it seemed like a great place to immerse yourself in the Greek culture, where big families meet in the evening for a drink and the kids play outside.

Further Afield

If you’re lucky enough to have your own transport then there are several interesting things to see a short drive away from Kyparissia town.

Neda waterfalls

These stunning waterfalls are well worth a day trip if you have some time on your hands. The road to get there is a little ‘interesting’, so keep that in mind. You’ll want to cool off in the crystal clear waters so make sure you pack your swim stuff!

Neda waterfalls near Kyparissia

The Watermill

You can walk here, though you may want to turn back as soon as you set off! It is a sweaty 2km hike uphill, so be prepared! The authentically restored flour mill grinds using water and there is a small display about it’s past. There is a little cafe that serves lovely Greek food and refreshing drinks and a pretty garden with citrus trees and herbs.

Cruising North from here? Check out all you need to know about Argostoli in Kephalonia here and don’t miss the lovely town of Lixouri just opposite.

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