Dimosari Waterfalls In Nidri, Greece

dimosari waters in greece

The Dimosari waterfalls in Nidri, Greece, are an unexpected surprise in such a touristy town. Just an hours walk outside of the chaos of bars, inflatable pool toys and party ferries you will find a little haven, perfect for a relaxing morning or afternoon and an ideal escape from the heat of the day.

We visited the waterfalls at the beginning of July, expecting a dry wall of rock. We were impressed to find several full on waterfalls and though I am sure that in the cooler seasons they are far more impressive, there was enough water flowing through them to make you feel as though you had stepped into a jungle paradise.

The really great thing about these waterfalls is that very few people seem to know/visit them in the morning. We had them all to ourselves at several points, with only a few other people visiting at the same time. This just added to their remote, secluded feel and it was the perfect place to find escape.

Girl looking out at Dimosari waterfalls in Nidri
Dimosari waterfalls in Greece – This post contains affiliate links

Getting To Dimosari Waterfalls In Nidri, Greece

The first small lagoon and waterfall
The first lagoon you come to when visiting Dimosari waterfalls

The waterfalls are easy enough to find on google maps, just search Nidri waterfalls and follow! Or if you’re taking a break from modern technology then head to the street parallel to the harbour front. About half way along you will see a handmade sign saying ‘waterfalls’. From there it is pretty well signposted and mostly along one long road, if in doubt just keep heading away from the town. There are only a few crossings and it is almost always straight on! At the crossing with the main road running through it head slightly right and you will see the sign again.

The walk to the waterfalls is pretty enough, taking you through some small holdings and down some pretty streets. The roads are relatively quiet but cars and bikes do some quite quickly around the bends so obviously be sensible! The road is good quality and mostly flat throughout so you can cycle easily. There are several places to rent bikes in town.

Man holding a bike after cycling to dimosari waterfalls in greece
The bike ride to Dimosari waterfalls is beautiful

Once you start heading uphill you know you are nearly there. You will reach a car park first of all where there are plenty of places to tie up bikes if you have them. Walk through the car park and up another hill until you reach a bar. The bar looked very stocked and like a nice place to pass an hour or two. At the bottom of the bar there is even a small child play area (it looked most suitable for toddlers and younger children) As we travel on a budget we didn’t visit so I can’t comment on the quality!

Dimosari Waterfalls

Big Nidri waterfall behind lots of trees
The main waterfall at Dimosari in Greece

The first waterfall is the smaller one, and also less busy! It’s a really pretty place to swim in relative peace (though the water is freezing!) Carry on up the stairs and you will reach the biggest waterfall. You can scramble down the rocks to swim in the waterfall pool. This waterfall tends to be pretty busy so you may have to wait your turn.

There are plenty of rocks you can perch on to enjoy a picnic or just take in your surroundings. We found that most people rush through, stopping only for a photo opportunity and then leaving again, so you will probably find you get moments of having the falls all to yourself. It is worth the wait as it is so peaceful and magical there alone.

Girl about to go for a swim in Dimosari waterfalls Nidri
The water is pretty cold!

Things To Know Before You Visit Dimosari Waterfalls

If you want to have the place to yourself go early. I mean really early. We arrived at 8am twice and it was pretty quiet with only a few other visitors. By 10am there were coaches of people turning up.

Wear shoes you can walk comfortably in. There were a few slippery rocks and some narrow paths. We were fine in flip flops we’re used to walking in but trainers may be more sensible!

Bring reef shoes. If you want to swim then consider taking some shoes you can swim in, the rocks are uneven and some are sharp.

Take sun cream for the walk. The waterfalls are pretty much all in the shade, and we didn’t have any complaints about that in the height of the summer!

A beautiful butterfly perched on some purple flowers
Some of the local wildlife at Dimosari waterfalls

Where To Stay

The closest place to stay is Nidri, which is walking distance from the waterfalls themselves. It’s a vibrant tourist town with all the needed amenities, and lots to do. I wouldn’t say it’s the prettiest of Greek towns, but if you’re looking for convenience then this is the best place to be! You will find a whole range of cheap and cheerful accomodation here, and on the outskirts there are some more expensive luxury options too.

If you’re feeling adventurous then why not hire a sailboat. That way you’ll be able to see the surrounding islands at your own pace (we can thoroughly recommend a trip to the beautiful island of Kastos). Sail Ionian have plenty of options of charter boats, and if you can’t sail yourself then you can hire a skipper for your holiday to take you where you want to go!

Kastos in Greece
kyparissia at sunset

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