The Ultimate Greek Packing List: What To Wear In Greece

greek packing list

When moving aboard our sailboat I had to think carefully about what I would need for sailing around Greece, and a Greek packing list was my top priority. Greece is an incredible place to visit, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve packed appropriately so you can spend your time worrying about where to eat dinner rather than shopping for that essential item you’ve forgotten.

I put together this Greek packing list after sailing Greece for two years. It includes essential items that I wouldn’t come to Greece without, and some luxury items that you might want to consider for special holidays. I have also included some items that are easy to find when you’re here, and others that you might be better packing before you come!

What To Wear In Greece

the ultimate greek packing list
The Ultimate Greek Packing List – This post contains affiliate links

To be honest, you can wear pretty much whatever you like in Greece and you’ll fit in. Depending on where you visit in Greece the people here are quite casual with their dress, especially during the day.

That being said, there are a few things you’ll want to consider for practicality and comfort when you’re putting together a Greek packing list.

Think Hot, Hot, Hot

Most people visit Greece in the summer months, as that’s when it’s hottest. Endless sunny days are top of everyone’s wish list. But Greece is very, very hot during the summer, especially destinations closer to Turkey, like Rhodes and Crete. You’ll want to pack clothes that are light – in both colour and material! If you’re looking for some great photos then consider buying colours that compliment Greece’s famous blue and white colour scheme!

Bring clothes that you can use to cover up from the sun. It’s often tricky to find decent shade in Greece, especially if you’re visiting historic sites or wandering the streets of one of Greece’s beautiful towns. Bring a lightweight shirt (these are UPF40, designed for use in the sun and super cute too) or a sarong to cover your shoulders and a wide brimmed hat for your face.

Sunglasses Are Essential

Not only is it usually very sunny in Greece, it’s also very bright! Most buildings in Greece are white or pastel coloured and reflect the sun extremely well – straight into your eyes! Bring polarised sunglasses to make sure you can actually see Greece’s beauty!

Lovely Layers

Depending on where you visit in Greece you might find the evenings are cooler or that it’s pretty windy, creating a cooler temperature. This is lovely during the heat of the day but at night you’ll be pleased you bought some longer sleeves to keep the chill off.

Layers are also great protection against air conditioning! If you’re eating indoors, taking ferries or staying in a hotel then have some layers on hand. It goes from boiling to freezing pretty quickly when that air conditioning is blasting!

Trousers will probably still be a stretch too far if you’re visiting in the summer, but consider taking a maxi skirt and a cardigan or shirt. I also live in my cropped trousers during summers in Greece. They’re perfect for keeping away pesky mozzies.

Swimsuit And Accessories

This is an essential item of clothing in Greece! Just wait till you see the colour of the sea! Even if you’re not staying somewhere with a pool you will want to take at least two pairs of bikinis (get one in that traditional Greek blue and white like above for great insta pics!) so you always have a dry one on hand. During the summer I live in my bikinis and I have four pairs on the boat.

If you burn easily you’ll want to take a rash vest if you plan on taking advantage of the wonderful snorkelling in Greece. You can lose hours just staring underwater and sun cream probably won’t cut it.

Make sure you pack a cover up for the beach too in case you can’t find shade. You’ll also want to add light dress or sarong to your Greek packing list if you plan on making the most of Greece’s pretty beachside cafes and bars.

Sensible Shoes

Well, they don’t have to be sensible, just comfy. The roads, paths and pavements in Greece are a little uneven at the best of times. There are also a lot of cobblestoned streets.

Bring shoes that you can walk in for long periods of time and if you like to get off the beaten track and explore then some lightweight trainers or hiking sandals are also a great idea. Greece has many beautiful walking trails that lead to amazing sea views – make sure you shoes don’t stop you exploring!

I absolutely love Merrel’s walking sandals but they are a little on the expensive side. They do last forever and are sooo comfy, but if you’re looking for something cheaper there are loads of options out there!

Getting Cultural

If you fancy visiting some of Greece’s incredible temples, churches and monuments then make sure you bring a knee length skirt and a top or cover up that covers your shoulders. They don’t require it everywhere, but it’s a sign of respect to cover up a little and there are places you won’t get into without dressing appropriately.

Top Tip: If you’re planning a trip to any of the more popular Greek islands then you’ll find no shortage of clothes shops. Think light, floaty dresses in blue and white, and tonnes of different bikinis! If I wasn’t living on a boat with limited funds and space I’d have bought up most of Greece by now, so bare this in mind and leave a little room in your packing for the odd treat item!

Greek Packing List

a boy walking in greece with the best greek packing list
The ultimate Greek packing list

Aside from the clothing packing essentials there are a few other things you won’t want to leave home without when taking a holiday to Greece!

A Filter Water Bottle

If you pack nothing else, pack this. It will save you tonnes of money and the environment! The water in Greece isn’t always potable, especially on the islands.

Take a filter water bottle to get rid of the nasties and you won’t have to keep buying plastic bottled water. A filter water bottle like is also much easier to carry around – and you’ll want water on you at all times in the heat of the summer!

European Adapter

You’ll probably need to pack an adapter or two unless you’re coming from another European country. Greece uses the round 2-prong adapter that’s used all over mainland Europe (not the UK). They’re easy to pick up at the airport, but will be cheaper if you buy online beforehand.

If you travel a lot then grab yourself one of these and never worry about not having the right adapter again! One’s with USB connection are the handiest, as you can get more things charged on one plug! When Adam and I travel together we tend to just take one adapter and a power strip for all our charging needs!

Insect Repellent

The bugs in Greece can be pretty bad, especially if you react badly to bites like I do! They sell mozzie coils in most shops out here but the most effective method of keeping the bites at bay is definitely some mozzie spray. Get it before you go to save the hassle of looking around all the shops you can find!

Camera And Accessories

Everywhere in Greece is a photo just waiting to happen and I don’t go anywhere without my Olympus O-MD. If you want to get into photography for blogging or social media then check out our guide on the best cameras for blogging to help you decide on the right one for you!


This is our go to bank card for travel for several reasons. It works everywhere, just like a bank card. It’s soooo much cheaper to use with a great exchange rate and free cash withdrawals up to a certain amount each month. And probably the thing we love most is how it tracks what you’re spending money on, so you can see if you’ve been having one too many shop bought coffees on your trip!

You add money to it, so there’s no danger of it getting stolen and all your money disappearing, but likewise you can set it to automatically top up if you’re worried about running out of cash.

Basically, it’s all round awesome and the only bank card I ever use these days! You can get one here for free through this link.


We always get travel insurance, no matter what we plan on doing. We’ve heard too many horror stories in our time travelling full time not to!

If you want to make the most of Greece by enjoying the water sports they have on offer, going hiking in the mountains or even hiring a scooter or a quad bike then make sure you’ve read the terms and conditions carefully and that you’re covered – a lot of them won’t!

World Nomads is our go to travel insurance provider and a great option if you want peace of mind, as they’ll insure you for all sorts of adventurous sports . They also cover any medical, dental and mental health care.

Save Space On Your Greek Packing List

beautiful harbour views in greece
What not to pack for your holiday to Greece!

There are lots of things you can easily pick up in Greece itself if you’re staying near to a village or town. Below I’ve listed items that we have found easily over here that you could just grab on your first day.

Sun cream – They sell sun cream everywhere in Greece so you can leave it off your Greek packing list or just take a mini bottle to save on space. Most supermarkets here sell reef friendly sun cream which is vital if you plan on swimming in the sea!

Hair care – This one’s up to you. We’ve found shampoo and conditioner from well known brands to be very expensive out here, so if you’re fussy about decent conditioner then bring some from home. If not then they sell it everywhere!

Beach towels – If you’re staying in hotels then most provide you with towels you can use

Hiking boots – As I said earlier, take some light weight trainers or hiking sandals instead if you plan on walking cross country. Greece is just far too hot for walking boots!

Hairdryer – Again, check your hotels amenities – they almost always have one!

Kindle instead of books – I refused to get one for a long time, but they’re the handiest things ever. Do yourself a favour and just give in and get one!

Greek Packing List

rock needles sticking out of the sea in Greece
The ultimate Greek packing list!

I’ve based this Greek packing list of a 7 day holiday, but you can easily add or take away items depending on the length of your stay!

Laundry in Greece is hard to find so try to bring enough clothes to last you all week, and bring a travel bottle of hand wash for any emergencies!

  • 7 x underwear
  • 2 x socks – if you wear socks under your trainers then bring a few pairs. If you anticipate using them every day then wear one pair and hand wash them (they’ll dry in an hour out here!)
  • 1 x loose, lightweight trousers – I go for cropped trousers in this heat!
  • 3 x shorts and/or skirts
  • 2 x sun dresses
  • 2 x long, loose shirts 
  • 4-5 x t-shirts or tops 
  • 2-3 evening outfits (you can easily double up sundresses and skirts with a nice top for the evening but bring something nicer if it’s a special holiday!) 
  • 2-3 swimsuits or bikinis 
  • 1-2 beach cover ups
  • 1 x sweater or cardigan
  • 1 x flip flops
  • 1 x sandals
  • 1 x running shoes (or other shoes you can walk in)
  • sunglasses
  • sun hat
  • personal medication
  • waterproof makeup (for all that swimming!) 
  • toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste/toothbrush, face wipes (or buy there!)
  • hairbrush and accessories – I love these headbands for keeping off sweat and taming it in the wind!
  • jewellery – avoid anything valuable
  • 1 x beach bag
  • 1 x day backpack
  • kindle
  • camera, charger, batteries and SD cards 
  • European adapter
  • phone, charger
  • passport 
  • Revolut card or similar
  • insurance 

Hopefully you’re now prepared for the holiday of a lifetime with the ultimate Greek packing list! Where ever you’re off to, you’re bound to have the most amazing time as Greece is absolutely stunning! Let us know if you think we’ve missed off any essential items!

If you’re looking to buy some new items for this holiday then make sure you take a look at my eco-friendly packing list. There are some great ideas for useful travel products that are good for environment and super handy too!

symi island
Kastos in Greece

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