Visiting Soma Vineyards In Bangalore

soma vineyards

Soma Vineyards and Bangalore are not two things I expected to hear in the same sentence. When I came to Bangalore for the weekend I naively expected high rise buildings, bars and restaurants serving delicious food and perhaps the odd temple thrown in for good measure. What I got was all of that and so much more, and visiting Soma vineyards was one of the most stand out experiences from my trip here.

About an hours drive from the city, you enter a place of stillness and peace. It’s refreshing to leave behind the noise and traffic, and find a little pocket of nature away from it all. It’s a bumpy drive up the Soma Vineyard, but it certainly sets the scene. The rows and rows of vines spread out on either side.

visiting soma vineyards in bangalore
Soma Vineyards in Bangalore

Soma Vineyard is owned by Raju and Aruna. We were greeted at the house by our guide and we started our tour of Soma Vineyard. We walked amongst the vines, exploring the different varieties of grapes grown here. Our guide was a fountain of knowledge, and no question we asked was too strange for him (and we asked a lot of strange questions!)

We were fascinated by the giant marble pillars that held up the vine trellises, as marble is so expensive in the UK. Apparently marble is such a common resource here that it is a cheap building material.

The vineyard was focused heavily on helping the community. We were told that they employed local workers at Soma Vineyard, and provided them with accommodation should they need it.

a lady working at soma vineyards in bangalore
The beautiful grounds of Soma Vineyards are kept in amazing condition

As we stopped for a break beside a pretty pool, looking out over the mountains, we had a chance to taste some of the wines Soma Vineyard produces. I particularly enjoyed the white, but they were all delicious. The little snacks that accompanied were also to die for, made at the vineyards themselves. I can imagine it would be the perfect place for a wedding or a special celebration, and was pleased to hear that this is something they do offer.

Heading back towards the house we were lucky enough to try more of the wine, as we sat and talked to some other visitors. We had time to have a little explore of the beautiful grounds on our own, and enjoyed the peace and tranquillity of the Soma Vineyards before we had to head back to Bangalore.

a couple toasting in soma vineyards
Cheers to a fantastic day out

This small but perfectly run vineyard was the perfect place to spend the day, and the fact that it was so quiet made me think it isn’t advertised as well as it deserves to be. Saying that, the lack of tourists made this place even more special.

Need To Knows

The Soma Vineyard does not take walk-ins, you will need to book in advance for a wine tasting tour here. I believe the booking slots were at 10.30am and 3.30pm. If you go for the later booking you will have the chance to sip wine as the sun sets over the mountains.

Where Is Soma Vineyards?

map of soma vineyards
Map of Soma Vineyards

The Soma estate is located in Sonnenahalli, Karnataka, around 80 km from Bangalore. It took us about an hour to reach Soma Vineyards by taxi, but the drive was an experience in itself, through local villages and beautiful scenery.

How To Get To Soma Vineyards

It would be very hard indeed to reach Soma Vineyards by bus, and would involve a lot of changes and walking. For this reason I would recommend you get a taxi or a driver for your trip here.

If you’re feeling adventurous, we were told that people cycle there, though I’m not sure how stable you would be on the way back after all that delicious wine!

an empty wine glass from soma vineyards
Empty glasses
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