The Best Travel Stocking Stuffers This Christmas

best travel stocking stuffers

The best travel stocking stuffers are the things that you wouldn’t buy for yourself, but find you couldn’t live without while on the road. As an avid traveller I’ve been bought many travel stocking stuffers over the year, some of which have become absolute packing essentials that I wonder how I ever lived without, and some being so unique and special to me that I just couldn’t leave them behind.

When you’re spending long periods of time away from family, friends and home comforts there are two things you really crave – things that make you smile and are real ‘treats’ and things that make life that little bit easier.

the best travel stocking stuffers for christmas
The Best Travel Stocking Stuffers – This post contains affiliate links

I’ve put together a comprehensive list of travel stocking stuffers that would delight any traveller this Christmas, from the most practical to the most special. I’ve tried to include a range of travel stocking stuffers covering different sizes and prices too, as I know people’s definition of a stocking stuffer will vary!

Whatever you go for on this list, they are sure to make that traveller in your life feel spoiled this Christmas time!

Quick Guide To The Best Travel Stocking Stuffers

Practical Travel Stocking Stuffers

These are the travel stocking stuffers that I’ve found most useful over my years of travel – the things I really couldn’t be without while on the road (or the sea!)

They might sound boring to some, but they’re all things I never would have thought to buy for myself that have made my experiences that bit better while away from home. And you can always add in a luxury item or two if you feel it’s all a little too sensible!

practical travel stocking stuffers all laid out on the floor
Practical travel stocking stuffers for gifts this Christmas

Packing Cubes Travel Stocking Stuffers

Packing cubes have become more popular over the years but I still hadn’t heard of them until two years ago. When you go travelling you often live out of a backpack and every time you need something you have to pull everything out and then find a way to pack it all again. It’s one of the most frustrating things about travel.

These eco-friendly packing cubes made from recycled plastic make it easy to find what you need, and easy to re-pack afterwards. If you want to go one step further and get them something even more useful then these hanging packing cubes can be unpacked and hung in wardrobes, on ladders or bunks or from curtain rails.

Travel Adapter For A Travel Stocking Filler

I honestly don’t know how I got by with my five different plug adapters for all sorts of scenarios. I was bought a universal travel adapter and couldn’t believe I hadn’t discovered it sooner. The ones with USB ports are even more handy!

Since I started travelling everywhere with Adam he’s taught me to bring an extension cable too. That way, when we end up in a room with only one plug socket we don’t have to worry about taking turns to charge our devices.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

The amount of times I had to put my toiletry bag on the floor of the shower in communal bathrooms makes me cringe a little. It’s disgusting.

A work colleague bought me this hanging toiletry bag and it’s amazing. You can hang it from the shower rail and all your wash stuff stays in the same place. This one comes in a medium or large size which is pretty handy.

Silicone Travel Bottles For Travel

For someone that travels regularly, silicone travel bottles are a great travel stocking stuffer. These travel sized bottles refill so you can take all your favourite products from home on hand luggage only flights. They are much easier to use and wash because they’re all squidgy and they’re colour coded so you don’t get mixed up about what’s what.

I always fill them with things I know I can’t get in my next destination, like my favourite face cream or conditioner. Then if I’m flying onto somewhere new later in my trip I know I can arrive with a little supply of the essentials before I can make it to the shops to stock up.

Filter Water Bottle – An Essential Travel Stocking Stuffer

This is the perfect travel stocking stuffer for anyone that’s planning on hiking or getting a little more off the beaten track. This filter water bottle gets rid of nasties so you can drink foreign tap water or fill from fresh water streams. I couldn’t have been without in when trekking in Nepal.

Battery Pack For A Travel Stocking Gift

This is great for train and bus rides and long haul flights. Or for trekking or anywhere a little off the beaten track. Having a battery pack readily charged for emergencies is something I don’t know how I ever did without.

Phones these days run out of battery so quickly, but they’re such an important safety tool. Having a battery pack ready for those times when you run out of charge and really need your phone is a super useful device for any traveller and the perfect travel stocking stuffer.

Sleeping Bag Liner Travel Gift

My Mum bought me one of these as a travel stocking stuffer about 10 years ago and I wouldn’t leave for an adventure without it (though I have replaced it a few times since then!)

When you’re sleeping in a different bed each night, sometimes in slightly questionable looking accommodation, having your own ‘sleeping bag’ to snuggle up in is one of the most comforting things.

They’re lightweight for hot climates (or you can slip inside and use the provided quilt in cold countries) and they fold up so much smaller and lighter than an actual sleeping bag.

They are great for protecting you from potentially dirty bedsheets, pillows and covers, and you can get double ones for couples if you need a travel stocking stuffer for two!

A Travel Stocking Stuffer Dry Bag

After being bought a dry bag for Christmas one year I dutifully used it whenever I went on water based adventures, wondering why I really needed it. But when a huge rogue wave completely soaked our dinghy and all inside (including one travellers very, very expensive looking camera gear) I left feeling very smug.

Dry bags are what I would consider an essential travel item. Even if you’re not planning on getting wet they’re still so useful. I’ve often taken all my stuff swimming with me when I haven’t liked the look of the beach I’m on or if you’re travelling somewhere humid for example, they really come in handy.

The ones that are rucksacks are probably the most useful in my opinion, but it depends who you’re buying this great travel stocking stuffer for! Even if it’s just a very small one for a phone, they really are a must have.

Door Stop Alarm

Ever since someone walked straight into my hostel room in Australia and started stroking my hair (a repeat offender according to reception) I’ve been a bit more cautious about where I sleep.

This doorstop alarm is a great invention for anyone off backpacking. If you’re staying somewhere you feel a little unsure of you just stick this in the door once it’s closed, and if anyone tries to walk it the alarm will sound and you, the person trying to get in, and all those rooms around you will be alerted!

Electronic Travel Stocking Stuffers

electronic travel stocking stuffers for gifts this christmas
Electronic travel stocking stuffers

The best electronic stocking stuffers for that tech mad traveller in your life. Although electronic travel gifts tend to be a little more on the expensive side, I’ve included travel stocking stuffers for all budgets. Even for people who aren’t tech crazy, electronic travel gifts really are some of the best gifts to receive.

Go Pro Hero 9

This is a pretty expensive travel stocking stuffer so you’d better make sure they’ve been good all year before buying them this travel gift!

The Go Pro ranges of camera are hands down the best for travel or adventure. Travel takes you on some crazy adventures and this is a camera you can really take anywhere.

Phone Camera Lens Kit

For anyone wanting to take great photos on their phone while they’re travelling this is the travel stocking stuffer for them! These cute little phone lenses mean you can get a lot more from your little camera phone and one of the best things to do while you’re travelling is to capture those memories to look back on in years to come.

It’s a little gimmicky and you wouldn’t buy it for yourself, which makes it the perfect travel stocking filler gift!

Camera Strap

The camera straps you get given with your camera are ugly and uncomfortable to wear. Buying a nice camera strap as a travel stocking filler is an awesome idea for anyone that’s into photography. It’s something you wear constantly when you travel, so it gets more use than some of your clothes.

Having a decent camera strap is a real treat that you wouldn’t think to upgrade yourself. It’s also a great budget option travel gift if you’re looking for something a little smaller.

Waterproof Travel Speaker Stocking Filler

We have the JBL Charge 4 on the boat and it’s incredible. It’s been thrown around all over the place and is still going strong. We haven’t thrown it over board yet but it’s been splashed – a lot – and the sound quality is still amazing. This is a travel speaker that’s worth the money for any music lovers out there. If you’re looking for the best rugged speaker around then check out our review here.

Perhaps a better alternative for a travel stocking stuffer gift is the JBL Clip 3. It’s tiny, waterproof and rugged but still gives out amazing sound quality. It’s also a great budget option. It will clip onto a hiking bag or backpack for on the go tunes too!

Rugged, Portable Hard Drive

Photos are probably the only thing you really don’t want to lose while you’re travelling. Ever since my sister’s friend lost her memory card full of photos of a year long round the world trip (and obviously most of those photos were of my sister – this was back in the times of when you didn’t take pictures of yourself!) I always carry a portable hard drive.

I try not to delete the photos from my memory card and make back ups on the hard drive, then I know I have them in at least two places. A rugged, portable hard drive is something you probably won’t have thought to pack as a first time traveller, so this is a great travel stocking stuffer for anyone heading off on a long trip.

Bluetooth Headphones

The days of fiddling around with the wire of your headphones to make both sides work is over! Thank God! Headphones are an absolute must have travel gift as when you travel you spend so much time staring out of bus, train and plane windows. Pair this gift with an audible subscription and you’re onto a winner!

A lot of people love noise cancelling bluetooth headphones but I actually think a lower quality pair for travel is much more useful, and not because they’re a lot cheaper! When you travel you want to be somewhat aware of your surroundings.

If you miss an announcement or a change in the mood of your surroundings because you’re so cut off from the outside world then you could be at a real disadvantage. They’re also super easy to lose or get stolen, so buy a cheaper pair as a travel stocking stuffer and whoever is using them won’t have to be quite so precious!

Unique Travel Stocking Stuffer Gifts

These are some of the more unique travel stocking stuffers you could buy someone. They’re great presents for someone that already travels a lot and probably has the practical items they need. Or they’re great presents if you want to give something a little more special that will really be treasured.

Polarised Camera Travel Stocking Stuffer

This is such a cute way to record those really special travel memories. I still have my polaroid pictures stuck into all my journals and they make me feel like I was travelling way back in the day when things always looked more glamourous!

It’s the perfect travel stocking stuffer that you just wouldn’t think to buy for yourself before a big trip but will be so glad you have.

Audible Subscription

I WISH I’d had this when I was travelling by bus around Asia. Music is great, but sometimes you want to be really entertained and for anyone like me, reading in a moving vehicle is a no no. Audio books weren’t really a thing when I was first travelling, but since they’ve become more popular I listen to them all the time while I’m on the go and I can’t think of a better travel stocking stuffer.

Travel Jewellery

I’m not really a jewellery wearing kind of person, but before I went travelling for the first time my Mum gave mea little keepsake that I now take with me in my travel wallet where ever I go. I don’t know if I really believe in luck, but it’s something that makes me think of family back home when I’m feeling low and it’s been everywhere with me now!

A keepsake like this travel gift is perfect for anyone embarking on their first trip away from home.

Scratch Map

I had wanted one of these for ages but it’s not really the sort of thing you buy for yourself. But then someone read my mind and bought me one and it’s one of the best things I own!

Anyone who loves to travel loves looking at maps and dreaming of their next destination, and looking at maps and remembering their last destination. Scratch maps are such a lovely way to record all your adventures and dream of new ones! You can get lots of different types, but this one if my favourite.

Survival Kit

Although hopefully this travel stocking filler will never be used for actual survival, it is a really fun travel gift that will be used…a lot. Having a multitool for travel is such an asset – I’d never had one till I met Adam and now I’m not sure how I travelled without it.

We’ve used it for all sorts, from cutting cheese for a sandwich to freeing a bird wrapped in cord. A small torch is also a must have for travel, and there’s a whole lot more in this kit that would be great to have – all packed into a fun little travel kit!

Travel Printer

This is the coolest travel gift ever. I have to admit, I don’t actually have one, but I had to include it here as I’ve been lusting after ever since I saw one on a friends boat.

It’s as small as a smart phone and prints photos from your phone. You can then stick them straight into your travel journal, or hang them around your sailboat or temporary accommodation.

I never bother to get my photos printed out but always wish I had prints of them, so this handy device is just perfect as a travel stocking stuffer (hint hint!)

Air BnB Gift Voucher

This would be an incredibly useful and exciting gift to receive for anyone heading off on their travels. Air BnB has become one of the biggest go to companies for travel accommodation and you can find them almost anywhere in the world. There’s almost always a budget option available and they’re usually pretty nice as they work off reviews.

You could always give it with a caveat, like you can only use this voucher on a one night stay, forcing the recipient to really treat themselves for a night if they’re on a budget. Now that’s a travel stocking stuffer to get excited about!

Foldable Travel Yoga Mat

This is the perfect travel stocking filler for anyone who likes to keep fit. It’s surprisingly hard to find the space to work out while you’re travelling, but having a workout mat means you can workout literally everywhere. I’ve used mine in the woods (you can easily take it running or walking), in a communal living room, on a sailboat.

Because they fold down so small they are so easy to carry around, unlike the roll up ones where they will only fit on the top of a backpack and flights then class them as oversized luggage and you bash into every single person you walk past!

Solid Perfume Stick

The perfect stocking stuffer for any traveller. You can take these on flights and there’s way they can spill all over everything you own. These are so useful for travel. You can get perfume or cologne sticks – whatever floats your boat.

Personalised Travel Stocking Stuffers

If you’re looking for something a little more ‘gift’ like then these personalised items make a really special travel gift for anyone that loves to escape!

Travel Journal

a world map journal for travel lovers
Get a personalised travel journal as a great travel gift

One of the best things I ever started (and kept up) when I first travelled all those years ago was keeping a journal. I now have several journals full of my travel notes, itineraries, funny experiences and much more. I really do cherish them. Having a personalised journal to write in on your travels would be a really special gift for any travel lover.

Personalised Luggage Tag

These personalised luggage tags are the perfect travel stocking stuffers if you’re looking for something a little special. On a practical note they make it easy to find generic looking luggage on a luggage belt, but more than that they’re something you’d just never buy for yourself but will really love to have.

I bought a set of these for my sister and brother in law after they got married as they’re both avid travellers. It was a really unique travel gift for a couple that will last a lifetime.

Personalised Travel Flask

For all those coffee loving travellers out there, this is the stocking stuffer you’re after. This cute personalised flask is a really unique and special travel gift that will be perfect for use at home or abroad!

Books For Travel Stocking Stuffers

the best travel stocking stuffer books on a table by a pool
The best travel stocking stuffer books

Books are a great travel stocking stuffer. I have to admit that I’ve recently become a bit of a kindle fanatic (moving onto a sailboat with very little space will do that!) but before my sailing days I absolutely loved having paperback books to travel with. There’s something about holding them in your hand that’s really comforting!

I think now I would recommend taking a Kindle travelling (just for the ease of it), but I would love to have copies of these books in paperback to read before or after my travels.

Waterproof Kindle

If money is no object for this travel stocking stuffer then buy your travel lover a waterproof kindle. This thing is just great, and I’m someone that never thought I’d say that until I was bought it as a travel gift! You can get as many books as you want on it, you can take it anywhere (reading by the pool or on the sea is no problem) and it tucks so effortlessly into a travel bag. Perfection.

Bad Karma

Bad Karma is a best seller about a trip to Mexica that went very wrong! It’s the perfect adventure, action story that we can all relate to in one way or another and it’s a great read for any traveller.

Nala’s World

Maybe it’s because we adopted a stray kitten from a boatyard in Greece that now travels everywhere with us, but I just love this story. Not only is cycling around the world pretty cool, but doing it with a cute cat!? This is the best travel stocking stuffer for anyone that loves travel, adventure and animals.

The Pale-Faced Lie

This is a deep read for anyone that wants a bit more substance from a travel stocking stuffer. It’s definitely not a light-hearted book, but it’s a great read, and a little different to the normal happy go lucky travel book.

My Dream Travel Stocking

In my family we have actual stockings (as in a long sock) and the things that go inside are always small and usually pretty cheap. I used to love reaching inside and pulling out little chocolate coins and nuts!

With this in mind, I’ve put together a list of my ideal travel stocking stuffers – the little things that would go together to make my dream travel stocking this Christmas!

So there you have it! The best possible ideas for travel stocking stuffers for this Christmas. I hope you’re feeling inspired, and if you do give any of these as travel gifts then let us know how well they were received! Got something we should add? Let us know in the comments below!

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