My Least Favourite Things About Living On A Boat

My least favourite things about living on a boat has been harder to write about than my favourite things, because I couldn’t find song material to base it on.  But fear not, my teenage years were not wasted and Adam is thrilled because it has meant he has got to listen to ‘But I Do Love You’ from Coyote Ugly on repeat for the last few hours.

#1 I Don’t Like To Be Alone In The Night

my least favourite things about living on a boat-night time
My least favourite things about living on a boat

I’m actually very rarely alone in the night, because I’ve got Adam to snore away beside me.  But being alone on the boat can be a little more scary than being alone in a house and one of my least favourite things about living on a boat.  For a start, we currently have no way of locking the door so if someone decides they like the look of wood off cuts, or the jar of baked beans we have on display, or maybe they want to help themselves to one of the plastic spoons we own, they can.  Whenever they want.  This isn’t an invite for any of you wannabe thieves out there by the way-Rach, I know you’ve had your eye on that collection of rusty screws but hands off! 

#2 I Don’t Like To Hear I’m Wrong When I’m Right

I’m a girl, so I am always right.  But on a boat, full of ‘boys toys’ I am NEVER right (even though I still am always right).  So fighting my corner can get a little tiring.  The amount of times I have tried telling Adam that we need an isolation transformer to protect us from galvanic corrosion is laughable.  So I have learnt that it’s best to let them figure these things out for themselves, and I try to bite my tongue.  I realise that this bit sounds a little sexist, but don’t pass judgement until you have lived through it!

#3 And I Don’t Like To Have The Rain On My Shoes

When I’m inside my house.  I don’t think this requires an explanation.

my least favourite things about living on a boat-leaks
Catching the drips

But I Do Love You

Is what Adam keeps telling me when it’s raining on my shoes.  Or when he drops my favourite slippers in the bilge.  Or when there’s ice on the inside of the window.  Nice try, Adam, nice try.

#4 I Don’t Like To See The Sky Painted Grey

Sometimes when it is sad outside, it is sad on the boat.  I think there are various reasons for this.  The first is obvious, gloomy weather makes for gloomy people.  We’ve done a good job of counteracting this with our cosy little den but sometimes it’s tricky to avoid, as we are basically living outside. 

The other reason is that when it’s grey outside there is a possibility of rain, and when it rains we can’t get a lot of important jobs done.  A steel boat needs a lot of love.  There are constantly bits of rust to grind and paint over but when rain is forecast we’re pretty stuck.  Grey skies mean slow progress and slow progress means longer stuck here instead of on a sailboat in the med.

#5 I Don’t Like When Nothing’s Going My Way

my least favourite things about living on a boat-grey skies
Trying not to let grey skies get us down

This might be my ultimate least favourite thing about living on a boat. Everyone has bad days, but I think choosing to live this way has amplified my emotions ten fold.  I have always been one to wear my heart on my sleeve, so to speak.  I’m quick to laugh and quick to cry and very quick to beat myself up when something goes wrong. 

A little example.  I recently booked flights to Spain so that Adam and I can go and look at a sailboat.  I found separate flights for £10 each (Wow!) and felt super chuffed with this bargain.  I booked the first flights, went to get a drink and then somehow completely forgot to book the return flights.  I didn’t realise until a few days later and of course by then the flights had gone up to £35.  My mistake cost us £50, and I was inconsolable. How could I be so stupid?  I had one job to do and I had failed.  When I had a stable income I would have laughed off this mistake and got on with my day.  Now though it felt like such a huge thing. 

So huge that I had to call my Mum and cry down the phone for half an hour. I think she came away more upset than me, for fears that her firstborn child has lost her mind.

#6 And I Don’t Like To Be The One With The Blues

Blue lips.  Blue finger nails.  Only joking, it’s not that bad, yet!

my least favourite things about living on a boat-cold
An average winters day on board

Adam and I spend every hour of every day together.  We have one room to hang out in, work in, eat in.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  But when one of us is in a bad mood (yes, it isn’t only me that gets stressed!) we both feel it.  It’s been hard adjusting to seeing each other 24/7 and we’ve had to invest a lot of time into staying positive even when we really don’t feel it. 

We’ve tried getting out of the boat lots by going running or walking, we plug ourselves into headphones to feel like we’re getting some head space, we’ve really upped our communication and if all that fails we just go for unhealthily long showers!  Excepting that we can’t be the best of company all the time has been really important and although I’m sure we still have a long way to go, we are determined to work through the blues as a team.

But I Do Love You

Adam.  Because even though you’re making me live on a building site of a boat, you’re also helping make all my dreams come true in more ways than one.

Bleugh, too soppy for even my romantic, dreamy, Coyote Ugly loving side so here is an ugly picture to make up for it!

my least favourite things about living on a boat-leaks
What we look like most of the time

And I would like to point out that my list of complaints is actually very small compared to others I have seen. If you would like a more extensive review of peoples least favourite things about living on a boat, check out this list!

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