Two Weeks In Sri Lanka: The Ultimate Itinerary

2 weeks in sri lanka

Spending two weeks in Sri Lanka is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and one you’ll want to make sure you’ve planned for properly. Full of exotic wildlife, stretches of sandy beaches and cloud covered mountain peaks, Sri Lanka is truly magical and one of our favourite travel destinations.

If you’re looking for fascinating ancient history and a vibrant and welcoming culture that will leave you wishing you never had to leave then you’ve come to the right place. There really isn’t a better way to spend two weeks than backpacking around this magical country.

Lots of firsts were ticked off for us when we spent two weeks in Sri Lanka. We saw blue whales in the wild for the very first time, drank tea fresh from the plantation and sat in the doorway of a moving train, whizzing past lush green fields and atmospheric forests (Britain’s health and safety department would have an absolute field day!)

You could easily spend months here and not get bored, so two weeks in Sri Lanka probably won’t be enough to see it all, but we have done our best to include all our absolute highlights, with a few optional extras thrown in to make sure there’s something for everyone.

We have put together this Sri Lanka two week itinerary based on exploring the highlands in central Sri Lanka and the south coast, but your itinerary will most likely depend on the time of year you are planning your trip. Read on to find out more!

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The Ultimate Itinerary

Planning Your Two Weeks In Sri Lanka – A Little About The Place

Kandy in Sri Lanka at sunset, a must visit on your two weeks in sri lanka
Kandy city at sunset

Sri Lanka is often called a tamer version of India. I can’t comment on whether or not this is true, but I get the impression that Sri Lanka is perhaps a little more ‘backpacker friendly’ than the far more hectic India, so if you want a little taste without so much hustle and bustle, then Sri Lanka may well be for you!

Sri Lanka’s historical documents date back to 3,000 years ago, with evidence of pre-historic human settlements dating back to at least 125,000 years ago. It has a rich cultural heritage, with it’s main documented religion being Buddihism and it’s safe harbours providing strategic importance for the ancient silk road.

Sri Lanka fell claim to British rule in 1815, and it was then that Sri Lanka became hugely successful in exporting coffee. After it was ravaged by disease, the coffee plantations become tea plantations and the production of tea is still one of Sri Lanka’s biggest industries.

Sri Lanka sought independence in the early 20th century, and it was then that they changed the countries name from Ceylon to Sri Lanka.

2 Weeks In Sri Lanka – The Highlights

#1 Watching Sunrise Over Lion Rock

There’s no other view quite like it and we could see why it’s become so iconic. It’s worth the early start and the uphill trek in the dark. Don’t miss out!

#2 Spotting Blue Whales In The Wild

Truly a once in a lifetime experience. These huge animals are absolutely incredible, and to see them in the flesh was just breath-taking. Make sure you do it properly though – read on to find out how.

#3 Exploring Long Abandoned Temples

Think Ankor Wat only a lot less crowded! Sri Lanka has some incredible old temples to explore that are just full of mystery and wonder.

#4 Sipping Tea Among The Plantations

I’ll admit that I didn’t have high expectations for hill country. I thought it might be a little too ‘English’. Of course I was wrong, and sipping tea with a view after whizzing through hill country on one of Sri Lanka’s open doored trains was a massive highlight of our two weeks in Sri Lanka.

#5 Relaxing On Palm Fringed Beaches

Sri Lanka really does have it all, and the palm fringed beaches where you can watch turtles swim in the sea from a beach bar are the perfect place to end 2 weeks in Sri Lanka.

When Should You Go Backpacking In Sri Lanka?

One of the amazing things about backpacking in Sri Lanka compared to other countries is that it has great weather all year round, depending on where on the island you head. Sri Lanka experiences two different monsoon seasons, so depending on what time of year you visit, you can avoid it altogether.

Alternatively, if you’re really travelling on a shoestring, you can head to the monsoon areas and bag yourself a really good deal (you’ll just have to accept some attractions may be closed, and that you might get a little wet!)

Visiting Sri Lanka In December – February

The north of the island and the eastern coast are pretty wet at this time of year. Instead head to the south coast, or some of the incredible beaches along the west coast. It’s a good time for whale watching off the southern coast. It’s also nice in hill country at this time so you could head to Kandy or Nuwara Eliya to drink tea and trek! Be aware that Christmas is a very busy time of year in Sri Lanka.

Visiting Sri Lanka In March – May

March is still lovely weather in the south and southwest, but by April there are signs of the monsoon. We visited hill country and the southwest in April and saw only a couple of heavy showers which actually just added to the atmosphere rather than ruin our plans. It’s a bit of a risk though, just so you’re aware! It’s still a good time for whale watching though off the south coast.

You could head to the lesser visited north Sri Lanka instead or enjoy sightseeing in the cultural triangle.

The south gets very humid in May so at this time of year hill country is your best bet. It’s a lot cooler here due to the higher altitudes so you’ll enjoy some nicer weather!

Visiting Sri Lanka In June – August

This is the perfect time to visit the north of Sri Lanka which is much less touristy and a little more off the beaten track. The hill country is still pleasant and cooler but you might experience a little rain.

Don’t miss the Kandy’s Esala Poya Perahera – Sri Lanka’s most extravagant festival, in July or August.  

Visiting Sri Lanka in September – November

This is probably the worst time of year to visit Sri Lanka. Northern and eastern sides of the island still experience favourable weather conditions in September, but October to November falls between the main monsoons and the weather becomes a little unpredictable across the island. You’ll probably experience showers where ever you head at this time of year.

We’ve based this guide on the more well known areas of the cultural triangle, hill country and the southwest. We visited in April and it was perfect weather, with a few dramatic downpours that cleared the air!

Sri Lanka In Two Weeks: The Ultimate Guide

Day 1 – Travel To Sigiriya

Chances are you’ll fly into Colombo (Bandaranaike International Airport). From here, get a taxi straight to Sigiriya in Sri Lanka’s central province. The journey took us about 4 hours and cost about £50 (with a lot of haggling!)

Tip: It may be worth looking into getting a driver for the whole of your trip. We decided against it in favour of cheaper local transport but on several occasions ended up taking more expensive taxis to save time or hassle.

It was a great way to take in the countryside and get a feel for the area and our driver enjoyed stopping for coconuts on the side of the road and pointing out local sights. You can book a taxi in advance if you don’t fancy the hassle of trying to haggle when you get there.

Make sure you book your first nights stay so that the taxi can take you straight to your door. Our taxi pulled up next to a beautiful lake-in the middle of no where. One thing we discovered about Sri Lanka is that the people here can never do enough to help, and our driver made several phone calls on our behalf to find our accommodation.

We were warned that it was dangerous to walk around at night. But not for all the usual reasons. The locals were terrified of the elephants that roamed the area and although we would have loved a sighting, we were not in the mood to try and outrun a furious stampede. We used tuk tuks to get to and from the town after sunset (at an extortionate rate, because, you know, elephants!) In the day the walk was beautiful and one of the highlights of our time there.

Hazy surise over the lake in Sigiriya

Where To Stay?

We stayed at this airbnb which was basic but had the most stunning view of Sigiriya Rock, and it was in the middle of no where! It might not be ideal for everyone, we did have a visit from a curious rat who made it through my canvas bag, through two plastic wrappers and into my cereal bar (We were a bit miffed he didn’t finish it, what a waste!) But we didn’t mind sharing our space with the locals one little bit!

At night the outside was lit up by fireflies, and the owners warned us that people have sighted elephants in the garden, with strict instructions of what to do if we saw them. There was also a family of peacocks living nearby. The owners booked tuk tuks for us on request.

If you don’t fancy the jungle experience then there are plenty of other options. Sigiriya Rock Side home stay looks gorgeous, or if you’re more of a hotel person then check out here.

Day 2-Sigiriya Rock and Polonnaruwa

Get up early. You’ll probably be out of whack from the time difference anyway to make the most of it! We headed out as soon as we thought it was light enough to avoid elephants! The sunrise over the nearby lake was stunning, and we were the only people around on the walk into town.

We chose to save money and walk to Sigiriya Rock. It was a long walk and we probably wouldn’t bother again -tuk tuks are cheap and plentiful! If you want to leave really early then it’s worth booking one with your bnb in advance. That way, you know it will be waiting for you!


View from the top of Lion Rock

Sigiriya or Lion Rock is an ancient rock fortress, nearly 200m high. It rises impressively out of the ground and is a widely used image of Sri Lanka. It is a UNESCO world heritage sight and a bit of a must see, but the entrance fee is pretty extortionate ($30) so think carefully before making the trip! If you are on a tight budget then read on for an equally impressive alternative.

We spent the morning here, walking the endless set of stairs, admiring the ruins and the beautiful view from the top and exploring the grounds below. One of the main attractions was the monkeys, of which we took way too many photos and laughed at way too many times.

Sri Lanka two week itinerary-baby money
Baby monkey having a snack


In the afternoon we hailed a tuk tuk to Polonnaruwa. Polonnaruwa is Sri Lanka’s second most ancient site and it reminded me of a small scale Angkor Wat. You can get a bus there but on a limited time scale we would consider travelling by tuk tuk.

It cost us around £10, for the hour journey there, back and several hours of taking us round the site. You can hire bikes once you are there but we were really thankful for the shade of the tuk tuk as it was screaming hot. Again, there was an expensive entrance fee ($30) and the ticket office was a little way away from the site entrance, so having a knowledgeable driver paid off!

You can stay in Polonnaruwa. It’s much busier, with more options to eat out and more things to do than in Sigiriya. If you can’t choose between the two then why not stay a night or two at each! There are hundreds of different options here, from super budget to luxury!

Sri Lanka two week itinerary-ancient temples in polonnaruwa
Exploring ancient temples while backpacking in Sri Lanka

This was an expensive day, probably the most we spent on the whole trip in terms of entrance fees, but I was happy to spend the money on such beautiful and unique places.

Day 3-Pidurangala Hike And Travel To Kandy

Views from Pidurangala

Another early morning we’re afraid! But this one is really worth it. Make sure you book a tuk tuk to pick you up about an hour before sunrise, pack a head torch and a jumper and head to the entrance of Pidurangala rock.

Pay the very small donation to the monks and then make your way up the (unmarked but easy to find) path to the top. It only take about 20 minutes to get up there and the path is well trodden until you reach the very top. Here there is some ‘climbing’ to be done. We read some people claiming it to be light scrambling but think this is a little misleading!

Top tip: If you’re not bothered about sunrise, or you’re happy to wait around then you will have the peak pretty much to yourself!

After such an early start we had plenty of time to pack up, eat some lunch and find a tuk tuk to take us to Kandy, about 3 hours away.

What To Do In Kandy

We regret not having longer to spend here, and spent several days trying to cram in all the wonderful things to do. If you’re wanting to escape the crowds then we thoroughly recommend taking the trekking trip to Knuckles Mountain Range (detailed below). If walking isn’t your thing then there is PLENTY to do in Kandy. Check out our guide to some of the most beautiful things to do in Kandy for some inspiration.

Where To Stay

Kandy has some really great options for accommodation. For something on a budget try Nelinsa Kandy or for pure luxury give Simpson’s Forest Hotel a look!

Day 4 And 5-Knuckles Mountain Range Trek

Sri Lanka two week itinerary. Trekking the knuckles mountain range.
Trekking in the mountains

We were desperate to get off the beaten track and love nothing better than exploring the countryside. We can thoroughly recommend the Knuckles Mountain Range trek. It includes an overnight stay in the forest and an experienced guide who will be able to tailor make your trip and take you to all the best places, as well as point out all the fascinating flora and fauna along the way. You can find out all about it in our detailed guide.

Day 6-A Long Train Journey And Relaxing In Nuwara Eliya

We took the train early in the morning from Kandy’s bustling train station. It is excellently set up for tourists and we didn’t have any trouble finding what we needed. Just ask at your bnb for the train times and they should be able to help you out.

As we’re sure you have read, Sri Lanka’s train journeys are a must and you won’t be disappointed. The journeys here were a real highlight. We travelled on a local festival day, the trains were packed and we were squished into a cabin along with a huge group of bongo playing, Nirvana singing Sri Lanka boys and had a ball.

If you’re not so keen on having your feet trodden on and your face in someones armpit then it might be best to double check you aren’t travelling at a particularly busy time. Booking a seat would also be a good option, especially for longer journeys.

Sri lanka 2 week itinerary-train rides
Hanging out

Arriving in Nuwara Eliya (check out our guide to the top 14 things to do in Nuwara Eliya) instantly felt cooler, more relaxed and more like home. You can see why they call it little England.

If you have a spare few hours before sundown then head to the public gardens (take a picnic!) It is beautifully manicured and a world away from Sri Lanka’s busy streets and markets.

Where To Stay

For budget places to stay in Nuwara Eliya, Moon Plain Inn remains a firm favourite, mostly because of just how friendly the staff are but also because of the lush green surroundings. If we’d had cash to splash we would have stayed at The Oliphant. We’d heard such good things from other travellers and it looks divine!

Sri lanka 2 week itinerary-nuwara eliya
A slice of home

Day 7-Tea Factories, Waterfalls And Posh Cocktails

We took in some local culture, ate lunch on top of a waterfall and enjoyed the luxury of The Grand Hotel all in one day.

Pedro Tea Estate is one of the main factories in Nuwara Eliya. We enjoyed the tour but it was a little rushed and very scripted so don’t expect to be able to ask many questions! The highlight was drinking tea on the balcony overlooking the estate, with the tea leaf pickers at work.

Sri Lanka two week itinerary. Tea factories in nuwara eliya.
Tea with a view

Lover’s Leap waterfall is a short walk away, starting across the road from the Tea Estate. It’s a beautiful spot that not many people bother to visit, so the likelihood is you’ll have it somewhat to yourself. There’s also incredible views from the top!

In the afternoon we got a little dressed up and headed to the Grand Hotel for cocktails. We considered the afternoon tea but thought it a little expensive, where as cocktails were very reasonably priced. We were forced inside by a dramatic rainstorm and were glad for it when we realised a pianist was playing live music in the lobby.

Day 8 Backpacking Sri Lanka-Horton Plains And On To Ella

We arranged a car the day before to take us to Horton Plains national park. Luckily for us we didn’t need to set an alarm, because a national holiday meant that we were kept awake all night by drums,singing and a huge ‘tardis’ float complete with crazy flashing lights right outside our bnb (that was down a quiet residential street ages from the main road!?)

We were pretty tired when the car pulled up at 5am (you’ll want to leave early as if you get there too late the views will be covered by clouds). To weigh up whether Horton Plains is something you want to do, check out our detailed post here.

Sri Lanka two week itinerary-horton plains
Horton Plains at sunrise

If you decide not to go, treat yourself to a bit of a lie in and then head to the train station and continue the beautiful journey to Ella. This is a shorter trip and should only take a few hours, so you will have time to explore the little town of Ella when you arrive.

We absolutely loved it here and used it as a chance to recharge our batteries a bit before continuing. We spent way too much in ‘Cafe Chill’ where they did the most amazing potato wedges (head upstairs and sprawl on beanbags after a day trekking).

After a relaxing lunch (this beautiful cafe is on the way!) you should head to Little Adam’s Peak. The walk isn’t too strenuous and you can choose how much of it to climb. There are several ‘peaks’ and you get amazing views from them all, so if you’re legs are aching from Horton Plains then don’t worry about cramming it all in!

Afterwards visit the impressive 9 arch bridge, or save it for the morning if you want to get there early and try and beat the crowds! We were lucky enough to arrive right before a huge downpour, the crowds left and we waited it out, being left with a near empty bridge.

Sri Lanka two week itinerary-9 ARCH BRIDGE
Nine Arch Bridge

Where To Stay

We loved our little hut room among the tea fields. It was very private and they bought you tea on the terrace. It was a little out of town so be prepared to walk quite a long way in the dark (maybe not the best choice for solo travellers). There are countless other choices to suit all needs, you can check them out here.

My sister raved about her stay here with mountain views and there are plenty of hotels nearer the town centre (though any on the main street may be a little noisy).

Day 9 Backpacking Sri Lanka-Ella’s Rock

Another day of hiking but it’s totally worth it for the views from the top. We walked along the railway lines until we reached the path to the top of Ella’s rock. There seemed to be a few different routes, but just keep heading up and the path becomes a bit more clear.

This walk is quite strenuous so be prepared for some sweaty uphill walking! We bought a few coconuts at the bottom to celebrate reaching the top, and the refreshing juice was a nice energy boosting reward for our hard work!

Half way up Ella Rock while backpacking Sri Lanka

If you wanted to cram in more excitement you could treat yourself to a massage or try out a cookery class. There are also lots of waterfalls in the area.

Day 10-Travel To Dalawella Beach

Sadly there are no trains from hill country to the coast so we were forced to hire a private car. It is possible to get buses but on a limited time scale we decided to suck up the cost and get there as quickly as possible. If we hadn’t been meeting up with family in Dalawella it would have made more sense to stay in Mirissa or Matara.

Sri Lanka two week itinerary-empty beaches
Empty beaches

By leaving Ella early you can make it to the coast in time for a beach walk and sunset cocktails. If you manage to get to Dalawella you won’t be disappointed. Compared to other beaches we visited along the coast Dalawella was really quiet and not at all built up. We struggled a bit for different places to eat out as there were only a handful of bars and restaurants, but we loved the secluded feel we got here.

A HUGE bonus was being able to see turtles from the beach. You can see their shadows and their little heads popping up every day and you can walk in from the shore and swim with them. The sea is a little rough here and the waves can get quite big at certain times but there is an ideal shallow, sheltered part for kids, with some ok snorkelling around the rocky edges.

Sri Lanka two week itinerary-swimming with turtles
Swimming with turtles on our backpacking in Sri Lanka trip

Where To Stay

There was a large group of us so we rented a whole villa for a few nights. It was a short walk to the beach and was surrounded by cheeky monkeys playing in the trees-don’t leave your windows open! If you’re looking for just a room then we loved the look of Dalawella Beach resort, literally on the beach!

Day 11 Backpacking In Sri Lanka-Beach Chill Out

After several weeks of rushing around you may want a day or two to relax on the beach. If you’re still itching to explore here are some ideas:

  • Dive a wreck (Head to Unawatuna where there are numerous dive centres. We dove with who were excellent, especially for less experienced divers like me-I had my own instructor who kept me calm throughout!)
  • Spend the day exploring the pretty city of Galle
  • Visit a nearby beach
  • Visit a turtle conservation site. We didn’t, as we were lucky enough to spot a baby turtle making it’s way to the sea by moonlight. I have read positive and negative reviews of this experience and the ethical problems it poses, so do your research and pick a centre wisely!
Careful where you tread!

Day 12 Backpacking In Sri Lanka-Whale Watching

We couldn’t miss the opportunity to see blue whales in the wild, but we were also very cautious. I’d done a fair bit of research, wanting to know how ethically ‘ok’ it was. I’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing animal encounters on my travels but I’ve also been caught out a few times and I didn’t want to be funding bad practice. Read more here if you’re curious about our experience, and if you’re not but are planning on going, I would thoroughly recommend booking through Raja and the Whales.

Sri Lanka two week itinerary-blue whales
Blue whales on our backpacking in Sri Lanka trip

Day 13-Chill Out Or Back To Colombo

If you have an early flight the next day then sadly you’re time here may be up. I’m a nervous flyer (not the flight itself, but catching it on time, panicking about tickets and passports-yes, be thankful you will probably never have to catch a flight with me!) For this reason we headed to Negombo-not the most beautiful place in Sri Lanka but near to the airport and out of the bustling Colombo.

You can catch a train to Colombo from Galle and stay there if you want a little taste of the capital, or you can get a bus or taxi to Negombo (in total around 5 hours, or more depending on whether you time the connections right!). A taxi will take a couple of hours so if you want to squeeze out more time on the beach playing with turtles this might be the best option.

We treated ourselves to a (slightly) more expensive hotel, one last thing to look forward to before we left. We had a pool and a TV, and a hot shower! There is a pretty plain stretch of beach, but it’s nothing compared to where you’ve just come from!

Day 14-Travel To Airport

If you stayed the night in Colombo then you’re about an hours bus ride away from the airport. Negombo is about a 15 minute taxi ride. Make sure you allow plenty of time to get through check in, especially at busier times of the year. The departure lounge is well set up with all the usual if you need food or drink before your flight.

What Did I Miss?

Got a few extra days and want to add on something extra or swap out something on here that doesn’t take your fancy? Here are some of the things we did on our trip that I have missed off the itinerary.


Sri Lanka two week itinerary-Lipton's seat

This strange little town has a certain rundown charm and we enjoyed exploring it because it was a bit more ‘real’ than some of the other towns we visited. We wouldn’t have wanted to stay more than a night or two as there wasn’t much to do.

The real attraction was Lipton’s Seat. Take a tuk tuk to the top of the hill for sunrise and then do the walk down to the bottom, which takes a few hours. Walking through the misty tea fields in the morning light was beautiful, but you can have similar experiences elsewhere like Nuwara Eliya and Ella, so I didn’t include this stop on the itinerary.


If you have never been on safari and are desperate to see elephants in the wild then you might want to consider going here. There are plenty of herds of elephants around and your driver will be desperate to find them, so you are almost guaranteed a sighting. We really didn’t enjoy the experience, as it involves chasing the poor creatures around the park alongside countless other jeeps.

After being stuck in a traffic jam of cars, trying to catch a glimpse of an elephant, we asked our driver to head off in the other direction away from the crowds (much to his disapproval). We saw some stunning birds and a wild cat in tree in the distance, but Udawalawe is a pain to get to and in my opinion not worth the trip.


Sri Lanka two week itinerary-Galle
Pretty streets and places to eat

If you’re not one for spending the day on the beach then I would definitely consider this as a day trip option while on the coast. This fort town is steeped in history and is a lovely place to spend a day wondering through. The little streets are full of interesting boutique shops and museums and there are plenty of inviting cafes to stop for lunch and refuel.

Further Reading For Your Backpacking Trip To Sri Lanka

As you can see, Sri Lanka is a rich and diverse country full of incredible travel experiences. Spending two weeks in Sri Lanka will give you a taste of all this country has to offer, and almost certain leave you wanting more! If you want to read about any of aboves activities in more depth then check out some of our useful guides below.

If you’re planning a trip to Sri Lanka then check out the guides below for inspiration.

Looking for sight seeing opportunities in Sri Lanka?

After some great trekking opportunities in Sri Lanka?

Have we missed any must see spots? Let us know below in the comments section!

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