Great Gifts For Skiers Under $50

gifts for skiers

If you’re looking for great gifts for skiers for under $50 then look no further! Skiing is a super expensive sport, and having a loved one that skis can be just as expensive. No matter what you find as a gift it always seems to cost the earth as soon as you add the word ‘ski’!

With a boyfriend that was obsessed with winter sports I found myself in a financial crisis – did I splash out every Christmas and birthday to get him a ski gift he would love, and have no money to join him on a ski holiday myself, or did I find him something completely different that he probably wouldn’t be bothered about?

gifts for skiers under $50
Gifts for skiers under $50 – this post contains affiliate links

I ended up getting a little creative and managed to find a whole range of gifts for skiers for under $50. I’ve shared them below in the hope of helping you save your bank balance for a good few years to come!

Practical Gifts For Skiers Under $50

a man skiing who needs a gift for skiers under $50
Practical gifts for skiers for under $50

These are the types of gifts that skiers actually love to recieve. Anything that makes life up the mountain easier and more enjoyable is a gift that’s worth giving! Here are some of the ski gifts for under $50 that I’ve got the best reactions from, and the ones I’ve used most when gifted to me!

Thermos Food Flask

Food prices up the mountains are insane. There is just no way anyone on a budget can afford to eat up there, but obviously the last thing you want to do is have to come down every day for lunch. So you can pack sandwiches, or you can take up a food flask and have piping hot food with mountain views.

This food flask doesn’t leak and keeps food either hot or cold for hours, so the skier in your life can take up their pasta, soup, pad thai – whatever they fancy – for lunch and even dinner too if they want! There are two flasks in this kit, so they can take enough for two meals, or give one to a friend if they’re feeling generous! It’s a great gift for skiers under $50.

Buy now on Amazon for $36.99

Travel Boot Dryer For Skiers

I WISH someone would buy this for me as a gift! Putting on soggy wet boots in the morning is the worst, but so is taking out your inner every time you get back from a day out skiing. These boot dryers are perfect for slipping into your boots and forgetting about till morning – when you’ll slip your feet into toasty warm ski boots.

Again, it really isn’t something you’d bother to buy for yourself, but it’s the perfect gift for skiers for under $50.

Buy on Amazon for $20.09

Gifts For Skiers Under $50 – Icebreaker Ski Socks

Ski socks might seem like a bit of a weird gift to give someone, but trust me, you won’t get a negative reaction from a skier! These ski socks were the best gift anyone ever gave me.

I had refused to spend money on a pair of socks, I couldn’t believe any pair of socks, no matter how great, could cost over a tenner. But these ski socks by Icebreaker are amazing. They’re super warm and comfy, they don’t sag anywhere so you don’t get blisters and they’re specially shaped for your left and right feet for added fit. They’re a great gift for a skier for under $50!

Buy now from Amazon for $28

Portable Battery Bank

This rugged portable battery bank is a great gift for skiers under $50 because not only can losing power up the mountain be annoying, but it can also be dangerous if you fond yourself a little lost! This handy battery bank is designed to take a few knocks, and carries enough charge for a phone or two!

Buy now on Amazon for $25.99

Fun Gifts For Skiers Under $50

fun gifts for skiers under $50
Fun gifts for skiers under $50

These gifts are a little less practical and a little more fun! These are the sorts of gifts you really wouldn’t think to buy yourself as a skier, as you’re busy saving for the latest pair of skis or a new helmet. These gifts will add a little extra to any ski holiday, and all for under $50!

Outdoor Rugged Speaker

For days up the mountains with friends you want a rugged speaker. This JBL speaker is perfect – it’s tough, waterproof and it clips onto your bag for easy transportation. It’s also got great sound quality, so you’ll actually want to use it. It’s the sort of gift for skiers under $50 that they probably won’t have thought to buy for themselves but is fun and useful. Perfect!

Buy on Amazon for $39.95

Wireless Headphones

Some people hate listening to music while skiing but others can’t ski without it. There’s definitely something to be said for it helping you really get into the rhythm. Wireless headphones are perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time on the slopes – especially if they’re skiing alone a lot. I found mine great for listening to audiobooks while travelling to and from the slopes alone! These are cheap enough that I didn’t worry about losing them or breaking them up the slopes and they worked brilliantly.

Buy now from Amazon – $29.99

Hip Flask Gifts For Skiers Under $50

For anyone that enjoys a little Dutch courage up the mountain this is the perfect gift for them. One of the great things about buying a hip flask as a gift for skiers under $50 is that there’s such a huge range. You could buy a budget hip flask for under $10 for comedy value, or go all out with a super posh personalised hip flask. The choice is yours!

Powder: The Greatest Ski Runs On The Planet

This ski ‘guide book’ includes some of the greatest ski runs on the planet – some from popular resorts like Whistler and some from less well known ski areas. Give this as a ski gift for a skier who loves to dream, and watch them get planning their next big trip!

Buy on Amazon now for $28.62

Novelty Gifts For Skiers For Under $50

a ski lift running through the snow covered trees
Novelty gifts for skiers under $50

If you’re searching for a great ski related secret Santa gift for under $50 then these gift ideas are perfect. A little silly and funny but still thoughtful and useful, any skier would be pleased to receive one of these gifts!

Scratch Map

This USA ski scratch map is such a fun idea. The ski fanatic in your life can literally tick off all their favourite ski destinations as they go. It’s the perfect gift for any skier to put on their wall and dream about future ski trips. It’s also a bit different from the usual gifts skiers receive.

Buy now on Amazon for $15.99

Ski Mugs

These are great stocking fillers for the skier in your life. Cheap, fun and ski appropriate, you can’t go wrong with a comedy mug!

Get Yours On Amazon For Around $10

Ski T-Shirt

Everyone loves a comedy t-shirt, and these are perfectly suited to skiers! They’re fun and are bound to get a laugh from anyone into skiing!

Get yours on Amazon for around $20

Hopefully that’s given you some great ideas for gifts for skiers under $50 – fab gifts that won’t break the bank! Let us know the best ski gift you’ve ever received in the comments below!

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