new zealand with a baby

New Zealand With A Baby: Hiking And Campervan Living

Travelling New Zealand with a baby is something many would only ever dream of, but Beth and her husband Ollie made their dream a reality when they took off to explore New Zealand in a campervan with a one year old. The couple have always been keen travellers, trekkers and thrill seekers.  Together they have visited over 25 countries, trekking, sailing and snowboarding their way around the world.   Now they’ve embarked… Read More »New Zealand With A Baby: Hiking And Campervan Living

spending too much time with your partner

How To Cope With Spending Too Much Time With Your Partner

Before moving onto a sailboat Adam and I often wondered how people coped with spending too much time with their partner. We knew that we would be living in a very small space with each other, and rarely leave each others side. It was a genuine worry of ours, and apparently a genuinely worry of all our well meaning friends and family. It was probably the number one thing we… Read More »How To Cope With Spending Too Much Time With Your Partner

koroni in the peloponnese

Koroni In The Peloponnese

Mooring up in Koroni in the Peloponnese was a delightful surprise. The still, protected waters of the harbour reflected the hazy orange sunset and the seaside restaurants played soothing music to accompany the quiet chatter from the diners. We fell instantly in love with Koroni in the Peloponnese, and it quickly made our list of Greek towns to return to on our travels. If you’re looking for a mixture of… Read More »Koroni In The Peloponnese

hinting island state park sc

Hunting Island State Park SC: The Ultimate Guide

You may be surprised to find out that Hunting Island State Park SC is South Carolina’s most popular state park. It’s easy to see why more than a million visitors a year are drawn to this little slice of paradise, and why such a wide variety of land and marine wildlife choose to call it home. Hunting Island State Park SC boasts five miles of wild but beautifully kept beaches… Read More »Hunting Island State Park SC: The Ultimate Guide

soma vineyards

Visiting Soma Vineyards In Bangalore

Soma Vineyards in Bangalore was an unexpected highlight of my trip, and one that I would recommend to anyone in the area. This tranquil oasis, just an hour out of the city, is the perfect place for a romantic getaway or a day trip with friends. Just make sure you book a wine tasting tour in advance!

Backpacking Nepal: The Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide for anyone planning on backpacking in Nepal. After spending over five weeks exploring this beautiful and fascinating country, this guide has it all-from inspiring off the beaten track destinations to tips for staying safe in Nepal when backpacking. Fall in love with country in the same way we did!