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5 Days In Sri Lanka: The Ultimate Guide

The four best itineraries for spending 5 days in Sri Lanka. Don’t miss out on some of the best of this incredible country with our four different itineraries for spending five short days in Sri Lanka. With plans to suit city lovers, hikers, cultural fanatics and beach bums, there is something for everyone.


Lipton’s Seat In Sri Lanka: The Ultimate Guide

We very nearly gave Lipton’s seat in Sri Lanka a miss. We didn’t think the views could be more incredible than the ones we had already seen (The Knuckles Range mountains, Horton Plains, Lover’s Leap waterfall, Ella rock), and we weren’t really sure what else there was to do in Haputale. Because of the route we took, Lipton’s seat in Haputale, Sri Lanka, became the only logical stop on our… Read More »Lipton’s Seat In Sri Lanka: The Ultimate Guide

2 weeks in sri lanka

Two Weeks In Sri Lanka: The Ultimate Itinerary

Spending two weeks in Sri Lanka is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and one you’ll want to make sure you’ve planned for properly. Full of exotic wildlife, stretches of sandy beaches and cloud covered mountain peaks, Sri Lanka is truly magical and one of our favourite travel destinations. If you’re looking for fascinating ancient history and a vibrant and welcoming culture that will leave you wishing you never had… Read More »Two Weeks In Sri Lanka: The Ultimate Itinerary