Top Of The Flops: The Biggest Fails Of 2019

This seasons ultimate fails. We have met two types of sailors. Ones that say they know everything, and ones that will admit they don’t. We refuse to become one of those sailors that pretends to know everything, and never learns. It’s one of our biggest complaints with sailing-these forums where people pick apart what people have done before something goes horribly wrong. How can you possibly know what you would… Read More »Top Of The Flops: The Biggest Fails Of 2019

The Meltemi

A tale of courage and survival Based on a true story by Two Get Lost They had heard tales before of a violent wind that blew from the North. A wind that was unpredictable and wild. A wind that put fear into the hearts of all at sea. A wind so strong it could keep sailors from stocking up on wine or gin for days. A wind they would avoid… Read More »The Meltemi

Anchoring for idiots (by two idiots)

Life aboard has had some incredible ups recently, which I will of course rub in your faces sometime soon, but there is a dark side to sailing that you may not be familiar with. It’s name is anchoring. Anchors are famous sailing symbols. Their designs decorate bags and dresses, they hang as decor in rustic seaside pubs and they draw up images of safety and protection. BUT THAT IS ALL… Read More »Anchoring for idiots (by two idiots)