koroni in the peloponnese

Koroni In The Peloponnese

Mooring up in Koroni in the Peloponnese was a delightful surprise. The still, protected waters of the harbour reflected the hazy orange sunset and the seaside restaurants played soothing music to accompany the quiet chatter from the diners. We fell instantly in love with Koroni in the Peloponnese, and it quickly made our list of Greek towns to return to on our travels. If you’re looking for a mixture of… Read More »Koroni In The Peloponnese

What To Wear On Safari In Tanzania

This post contains Amazon affiliate links for products we recommend Planning what to wear on safari in Tanzania can be a tricky task. For most of us, going on safari is a trip of a lifetime, and not something we do often. Chances are, if you’re reading this guide on what to wear on safari in Tanzania, this is your first ever safari trip and you’re feeling a little out… Read More »What To Wear On Safari In Tanzania