Parents on board

I think this car sticker was designed for new parents. Ones with a three month old, who are suffering from sleepless nights and newborn baby anxieties, not ones who are visiting their gone 30 year old daughter. But I had some serious worries that we would need to get one of these stickers for the boat after my parents had experienced a night on board Hot Chocolate. This wasn’t a… Read More »Parents on board

The Meltemi

A tale of courage and survival Based on a true story by Two Get Lost They had heard tales before of a violent wind that blew from the North. A wind that was unpredictable and wild. A wind that put fear into the hearts of all at sea. A wind so strong it could keep sailors from stocking up on wine or gin for days. A wind they would avoid… Read More »The Meltemi

Sailing in Argostoli, Kephalonia: A cruisers guide

Sailing to bustling Argostóli (Αργοστόλι), Kefalonia’s main harbour and a port of entry to Greece, was a little intimidating to us newbie sailors. So we decided to share what we had learnt in the hopes of making someone elses journey a little easier! Sadly much of Argostoli was destroyed by the 1953 earthquake and has since been re-built in a rather modern and characterless fashion. It is, however, smart looking and… Read More »Sailing in Argostoli, Kephalonia: A cruisers guide

Dimosari waterfalls in Nidri, Greece

The Dimosari waterfalls in Nidri, Greece, are an unexpected surprise in such a touristy town. Just an hours walk outside of the chaos of bars, inflatable pool toys and party ferries you will find a little haven, perfect for a relaxing morning or afternoon and an ideal escape from the heat of the day. We visited the waterfalls at the beginning of July, expecting a dry wall of rock. We… Read More »Dimosari waterfalls in Nidri, Greece