Run Away Too

Leaving everything you know to start over really isn’t easy. It’s something Adam and I had both dreamed of doing for years, and it wasn’t until we were miserable that we were able to make the change.

But we don’t think you should have to hit that low before making steps towards living the life you really want. So we’ve been putting together some handy tips for anyone wanting to run away to sea, or for those who want something different but are too afraid to start.

Making The Leap


It’s something you’ve day dreamed about for years, but chances are you’ve never actually sat down and researched your options. No matter what you want to do, if it’s life changing enough that you haven’t done it yet, then chances are it will take some careful planning. Before you give up, put some serious time into working out your options. Getting to where you want might take compromise, but if it’s your dream then that compromise will be worth it. If you can’t compromise, then it isn’t your dream, and at least you don’t have to waste any more of your precious time wishing your life was different!


Now you have a plan you will need to take the steps required to get there. Every dream requires some sort of preparation, it won’t just happen overnight. It may mean taking on extra work to save up the money, it may mean moving out of your comfortable, heated house and living in a boat building site for six months (like it did for us!) Whatever it is you need to do to make your dream happen, start doing it now.

Set backs

You will have setbacks. Countless setbacks. If these setbacks are too big for you to overcome, then you either need to revisit that initial plan or accept that it isn’t your dream after all. Chances are, if you give these setbacks some thought and time, they won’t turn out to be setbacks at all, and your plan (and you!) will be even stronger than before.

Go For Gold

With the planning and preparation done, and the setbacks overcome, the last thing for you to do is go chase your dream. We can guarantee you that it won’t always feel like a dream. It will still be hard work, you will still be the same person, and things won’t just ‘fall into place’ like they do in the movies. What will happen though, is that little voice in the back of your head telling you that you’ll never live the life you really want will finally shut up. You will start to realise that you really can chase your dreams. You really are in control of your life.

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