Ragusa Ibla, Sicily’s UNESCO World Heritage Site

Even in the rain, Ragusa Ibla-Sicily’s UNESCO world heritage site, is beautiful. We visited on a rainy afternoon, without high hopes. There was little information in our guide book, and from the few months we had been staying in Marina di Ragusa we had heard very few good things about it. People seemed to much prefer the more famous Syracuse, so we didn’t hold high expectations for our visit here… Read More »Ragusa Ibla, Sicily’s UNESCO World Heritage Site

Watching sunset from the Turkish Steps, Sicily

Watching sunset from the Turkish Steps (Scala dei Turchi) in Sicily has to be one of the most breathtaking things to do on this incredible island. The blindingly white rock formation falls into the crystal clear blue sea like a huge set of steps and the views from all angles are spectacular. Like a lot of famous attractions here, the Turkish Steps can be crowded and busy, but wait until… Read More »Watching sunset from the Turkish Steps, Sicily

Visiting Syracuse’s Archaeological Park

Syracuse’s Archaeological Park Visiting Syracuse’s archaeological park is an absolute must do when in Sicily and was a real highlight of our trip. Situated just a walk from the old, historical centre of Ortygia, the archeaological park is small enough to explore properly and in great condition. Syracuse is full of history, and the Syracuse Archaeological Park is brimming with charm, character and an insight into the past. The Neapolis… Read More »Visiting Syracuse’s Archaeological Park