Visiting Nairobi in Kenya

The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Nairobi In Kenya

Kenya’s colourful and vibrant capital city, Nairobi, is a must see for any traveller. With wildlife spotting chances at every turn, cultural highlights and cuisine to impress, it is the perfect place to start and end your Kenya adventure.

kakamega rainforest in kenya

Exploring Kenya’s Kakamega Rainforest

Exploring Kenya’s incredible Kakamega rainforest is by far one of the best things to do in Kenya. This rainforest is alive with fascinating creatures that you won’t find while on safari, and camping here makes the experience all the more exciting.

a pinterest pin for ol pejeta safari park in kenya

Ol Pejeta Safari in Kenya

The safari park with a difference. Don’t miss Ol Pejeta safari on your trip to Kenya. Here you will find the last remaining Northern White Rhinos and learn about the brilliant conservation efforts that Ol Pejeta is putting in place for the protection of it’s ever growing wild rhino population.

anchoring for idiots

Anchoring For Idiots (By Two Idiots)

The ultimate guide to anchoring for idiots, written by two sailing idiots. We’ve got details of some of the most popular anchoring techniques and some funny anchoring mishaps.


Sailing In Argostoli, Kephalonia: A Cruisers Guide

Sailing to bustling Argostóli (Αργοστόλι), Kefalonia’s main harbour and a port of entry to Greece, was a little intimidating to us newbie sailors. So we decided to share what we had learnt in the hopes of making someone elses journey a little easier! Sadly much of Argostoli was destroyed by the 1953 earthquake and has since been re-built in a rather modern and characterless fashion. It is, however, smart looking and… Read More »Sailing In Argostoli, Kephalonia: A Cruisers Guide

getting the internet at sea when sailing

How To Get The Internet At Sea When Sailing

We explore the different ways you can internet at sea when sailing. Living on a sailboat doesn’t mean you have to be cut off from the internet. We have found many different ways to get the internet while living on a sailboat because it’s so important for us to be able to keep working. Find out what would work best for you in our extensive guide.

A year out of work

As I write this the summer holidays have just started at the school I used to work at.  In my old life I would have woken up exhausted, after weeks of entertaining tired, hot and hyper children. I would have been emotionally drained from saying goodbye to children and parents that I had spent a year forming close relationships with, sharing their ups and downs and seeing all their many… Read More »A year out of work

Sailing from Sicily to Greece

We found the perfect weather window and we were off. After a bilge pump boat hook exchange (our friends, Sailing Nomad, had a bilge pump related disaster hours before setting off on passage), we followed them out of Syracuse and into the deep blue. This was going to be the longest journey we had done so far, three days and two nights of sailing to reach Argostoli in Kephalonia. We… Read More »Sailing from Sicily to Greece