Things To Do In Beautiful Miravet, Spain

Like something straight out of a fairy tale, Miravet is truly enchanted. Not only is it one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, but it is also full of interesting and exciting things to do. It really does make for the perfect holiday destination.

Living The Dream

Living. The. Dream. Wow, how weighty are those three little words. When we think of someone living the dream, we imagine someone who really has it all, probably in terms of what we want out of life. This elusive person who has their dream life has everything that I want. They travel constantly, but with all their family and friends for company. Their life is full of love and friendship.… Read More »Living The Dream

what to wear sailing

What To Wear Sailing: The Ultimate Guide

We’ve put together a complete guide on what to wear sailing. Whether you’re planning a little day trip or a proper sailing adventure, we’ve found the best sailing clothes for you and put it together in this handy guide.

14 Romantic Things To Do In Budapest

The 14 most romantic things to do in Budapest. From candle lit dinners to crawling together through a huge underground cave system, Budapest is the place to go for lovers. So look no further for your romantic getaway, head to the new city of love.

Backpacking Nepal: The Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide for anyone planning on backpacking in Nepal. After spending over five weeks exploring this beautiful and fascinating country, this guide has it all-from inspiring off the beaten track destinations to tips for staying safe in Nepal when backpacking. Fall in love with country in the same way we did!