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Watching sunset from the Turkish Steps, Sicily

Watching sunset from the Turkish Steps (Scala dei Turchi) in Sicily has to be one of the most breathtaking things to do on this incredible island. The blindingly white rock formation falls into the crystal clear blue sea like a huge set of steps and the views from all...
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Valley of the temples, Sicily

When walking into Sicily’s most famous historical attraction, Valley of the Temples, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking you had stumbled upon the film set of a historical drama. Gigantic Greek columns rise dramatically from the rugged, windswept backdrops, making tourists feel as though they have stepped back in...
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Visiting Syracuse’s archaeological park

Syracuse’s archaeological park Visiting Syracuse’s archaeological park is a must do when in Sicily. Just a five minute drive, or a half hour walk from the beautiful Ortygia lies Syracuse’s stunning ancient archaeological park and a visit here is well worth a few hours of your day. We visited...
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